Articles about Driving Distractions

Stop these now
Dear person behind the wheel,Thanks for driving me around. No, really. I appreciate the time you're taking to help me reach my destination. I know braving the roads is tough and tiring, so I commend your efforts.That said, you
Don't be that slow-moving d*******g
We've written a story before about why it's improtant to look ahead of where you're going when you get behind the wheel. We reasoned that it allows you to predict the road conditions ahead and prepare accordingly. This time,
A method worth trying
When you're behind the wheel, being surprised by a sudden swerving motorcycle, bicycle or kariton is uncomfortable at best and panic-inducing at worst. Those blind spots in your side mirrors are a huge pain in the you-know-what, but
One method claims it can
Blind spots in your side mirrors suck while you're driving. They're even worse when you drive in the Philippines and you get blindsided by motorcycles, bicycles, manongs with a kariton, and so on. For many people, blind spots are an
We're not surprised
Sex, drugs, and alcohol--these are just some of the nightmares every parent has once a child reaches puberty. But did you know that these only play catch up to a glaring concern that runs through the minds of most moms and
The real pros and cons of driving alone
You belong to the countless single and mobile, a group that has come to also embrace the separated and mobile, the widowed and mobile, the hater-of-the-opposite-sex and mobile, the commitment-phobic and mobile. You, like everyone else in
Ladies at the top of their game
They are presidents, directors, senior managers and vice presidents in their respective companies. The decisions they make have serious repercussions in corporate direction. With just a signature, they can launch marketing campaigns; with a denial, they can cripple advertising quotas.These are
So how do you keep them behaved?
Children are adorable, but don't get too carried away by their cuteness or their tantrums when they're in the mood for such--especially when you're driving. A recent study by UK-based organization Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) identified
Let your smartphone help you stay focused
Imagine this scenario: You\'re late for a meeting. You rush to your car while you send an SMS to everyone at the meeting that you\'re running late. It\'s rush hour, and you pin your hopes on your smart phone\'
Fatherhood changes a man, but that shouldn't make you enjoy driving less
I still remember that fateful night a few years ago. It was a text from wifey: "Are you home yet? We have to talk." Uh-oh. When she showed me the piece of paper--a black-and-white picture of a little
And we all thought it was mobile-phone use
A study conducted by a US-based insurance company is saying that using a mobile phone isn't the most distracting activity while driving, but daydreaming or being "lost in thought" is.According to, 10% of fatal car accidents in
That studies driver distraction and behavior
Honda R&D Americas, together with the Ohio State University, has collaborated to create a new driving simulator laboratory in the institution that has been designed to "support advanced research into issues of driver distraction and other factors impacting driver behavior and
Let's hope we get this soon
Ford wants to make the distracting habit of reading text messages on a mobile phone while driving a thing of the past by adding to its Sync in-car connectivity system a text-to-speech feature.The text-to-speech feature works
The things motorists do while driving<br />
You need not be a rocket scientist to know that when driving, other activities that take your focus off the road put you, your passengers and the people around you at risk. But many people would dismiss this as myth unless data
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