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And how it's making you dangerous on the road
How proficient would you say you are in driving? If you rate your skills behind the wheel as above-average, guess what-that's the average response given by the majority of drivers out there. As numerous studies have shown, we tend
Be prepared for the wet season
Rainy season is upon us, and we want to make sure that everyone is safe when driving under the deluge. Here are few more no-nonsense tips that will surely come in handy. Slippery soles can slide over the car's pedals,
Growing up shouldn't be hard to do
For the most part, the chaos that is Metro Manila traffic is the result of motorists acting like children. Poor impulse control, impatience, sense of entitlement, selfishness, and tantrums (the adult kind) are to blame for this dismal situation. Driving in this
Keep your body moving during standstills
Three hours. Apparently, you can now get from Balintawak to Baguio in that amount of time. On a really bad day, however, three hours is hardly enough for the one-way drive from Makati to Quezon City. And all those hours spent
Get fit for your road trip
Elite racecar drivers are fit athletes. They need to be able to manage all that adrenaline and g-force on the track. But being in shape is not only beneficial to these motorsports idols, but also to regular motorists like you to
Keep cool and never panic
For many of us, the act of driving comes naturally: You get behind the wheel, start the engine...and that's about it. Maneuvering a car-unless you're on the track or navigating twisty mountain roads-is for the most part,
A reader wants to know
A reader recently sent in a question about driving a manual-transmission vehicle. Should a driver step on the brake, or the clutch first, when coming to stop? Obviously, this reader is a new driver. And we do love to help new
It's all about keeping things level
Think fast: What's the first thing you do when you hop inside a brand-new car? Chances are very few of you would answer setting yourself up for the proper driving position. It's just something that, based from observation, many
Respect our rides
Dear irate passenger,Hey, it's me. The guy behind the wheel. I read your letter a little while back about my habits that annoy you. That's cool, I'm all for constructive criticism. But in the interest of fairness, I'
You should be doing all of these
We could (and have) gone on and on about bad drivers and their irritating habits. You don't have to look far to find examples of those. To change things up, we thought we'd focus on the things that make people
Are we the 'smoothest' in the world?
Filipino drivers experience a range of emotions when on the road. Unfortunately, that range is made up of emotions like frustration, stress, annoyance, and oftentimes even despair...or so we thought.Surprisingly, a recent study conducted by Shell in partnership with Goldsmiths,
Stop these now
Dear person behind the wheel,Thanks for driving me around. No, really. I appreciate the time you're taking to help me reach my destination. I know braving the roads is tough and tiring, so I commend your efforts.That said, you
The ladies have spoken
With a following composed of about 70% male and only around 30% female, the Top Gear Philippines online community is clearly male-dominated. But it's 2018, and women want to be heard.And since we've been curious about what goes
A good reason to hit the gym
Wait, fitness advice from the overfed guys of Top Gear PH? No, you didn't accidentally end up on the wrong website. And yes, we're about to blow your mind with a top-secret workout that'll give you the six-
Here are the best answers from our readers
At one point or another, dishing out a good bit of verbal bashing is something almost every motorist has done. Whether it's telling off a jeepney that suddenly cut into your lane, or cussing your lungs out in the confines of
Learn to avoid these
Whether you're a normal, everyday driver or a performance enthusiast, we all want our cars to last longer. A big part of the car that's often overlooked is the car's transmission, which is a significant-and expensive-part of
Boredom is just a state of mind
Here we go again. It's 6am and you're dragging your ass out of bed and into the shower, knowing that another long, frustrating drive by your lonesome is in order. Maybe your trip is work-related, maybe not. If you'
Bad, bad things happen
Interestingly, this is one question that enough people ask but more people get wrong than right. In the strictest sense, there are very few speed humps on our local roads.Speed humps are supposed to be anywhere from 3.7m to 4.
Be aware of changing road conditions
Driving can be a metaphor for life in a lot of ways. For example, did you know that it pays to look far ahead when you're behind the wheel? Many motorists only pay attention to what's right in front of
Practice these daily
Thanks to social media, we've been seeing a lot of horrid crashes and accidents on the road. It's a harsh reality that can happen to any of us. To help minimize them, here are some basic safety tips to keep
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