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'Position is everything'
Who doesn't dream of going to a motorsport driving workshop? Learning about racing lines and braking points is enough to have almost anyone feeling like they could be the next lead of a Fast and Furious film. Even the very word '
Just like it was yesterday
Most of you guys are probably first-time car owners or well into your second or third vehicle. By now, you know how to drive, and you've driven around quite a lot after having worked your ass off for your very
Not bad for a beginner
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Who can ever forget their early stints behind the wheel? Sure, for a lot of drivers, it comes naturally-from the moment they first
To cope with the changing times
Several years ago, motorists were left dumbfounded at the thought of having touchscreen controls inside their vehicles. Today, no modern ride would be complete without one. Technology has made its way into our cars faster than anyone could anticipate.With that in
Watch 5 entertaining videos
This past week featured a ton of awesome car-related videos on YouTube. In fact, our latest edition of the weekly video roundup has got something for everybody: pretty girls in cars, student-driver hilarity, some intense off-road racing action, and
Because it's a jungle out there
One thing that's traumatic for me about my college days at the De La Salle University was algebra. Memorizing those mathematical formulas looked as easy as remembering phone numbers of girlfriends, but numbers aren't really my cup of tea. Simply
It's about time
Rep. Antonio F. Lagdameo Jr. (2nd District, Davao del Norte) has filed a bill that seeks to include a driver education program in the high school senior year curriculum "to educate the youth on the importance of being responsible drivers."In filing
Here are some recollections and lessons
My dad and I spent lots of time together in his old Galant wagon and, when I was a toddler, riding shotgun with him was always the highlight of my day. He would take me everywhere he went like the Star Cafe
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