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For prospective motorists
In case you missed it, the days when you could learn to operate a vehicle free of charge from a parent, friend, or family driver is long gone, because a certificate of course completion from a driving school accredited by the Land
Here are some of the specifics you need to know
If you're one of the many motorists who've been asking the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to establish more stringent processes for driver's license applications, maybe this is what you've been waiting for.The agency has just announced that
As an alternative, applicants may also train with the agency for a lower fee
Right now, applying for a driver's license with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is relatively easy, at least compared with Japan's application process and that of many other countries. Get behind the wheel, learn how to get from point A
Lectures, simulators, and hours of first-aid training
In case you haven't noticed, our roads are getting messier, more chaotic, and more difficult to deal with than ever before. Is it the number of buses plying our streets? The number of cars? Or our inane habit of not giving
Aptitude tests, simulators, first-aid training—this is how Japan does driver education
I'm not the best driver. If anything, I'm probably the most scared and unconfident driver whose name has ever graced the Top Gear Philippines staff box. And despite my being part of the country's number one automotive publication for
Here’s how they’re deemed fit to be behind the wheel
Given that their country has an ideal train system, reliable bus lines, and even honest taxi drivers, younger Japanese nationals and citizens apparently don't see the much of a point in getting a driver's license or owning a car.Reports
Pretty sure this isn’t your average driving school
In the world's busiest and most congested cities, buildings are designed upward to produce more floor space while using a small amount of land. But how would facilities such as a driving school-those that demand big, open spaces-be built
They grow up so fast
Kids: As much as you love them, there will always be instances when they can get on your nerves, or try their darndest to push your patience to its limits. Raising them is as much a test as it is a gift.
Gleaned from other countries
Recently, Land Transportation Office (LTO) chief Edgar Galvante voiced his wish to have a standardized curriculum for driving schools in the country. If you ask us, we're all for it. Actually, we're in favor of Filipino motorists getting any semblance
Formal driving training will be required
How did you learn how to drive?Did you teach yourself ('widow' style, as others say), or did your parents or friends coach you? Or did you enroll in a driving school?If Land Transportation Office (LTO) chief Edgar Galvante
Madness? Or genius?
If you're anything like us, then you can't imagine life without your smartphone. Our days are spent creating content online, so even when we're not on our computers we're synced to our phones trying to find out what'
This program promotes responsible driving
We see more vehicle-related accidents caused by plain ignorance, thanks to CCTV cameras and dashcams. We witness motorists intentionally or unintentionally counterflowing, beating the red light, or swerving. Some are even unable to do even basic tasks like parking without causing
Not bad for a beginner
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Who can ever forget their early stints behind the wheel? Sure, for a lot of drivers, it comes naturally-from the moment they first
To cope with the changing times
Several years ago, motorists were left dumbfounded at the thought of having touchscreen controls inside their vehicles. Today, no modern ride would be complete without one. Technology has made its way into our cars faster than anyone could anticipate.With that in
For safety of motorists and commuters
Since trucks are the usual culprits during on-road accidents, Rep. Linabelle Ruth Villarica (4th District, Bulacan) has filed a bill that seeks to establish a mandatory driver education for truck drivers "to promote road safety for motorists and the commuting public."
No need to go to Europe or the US
The BMW Group has announced that it is scheduled to open its very first driving center in Asia in Incheon, South Korea.According to the German carmaking conglomerate, while the BMW Group already has driving centers in Germany and the United States,
Watch the video showing luxurious fun on four wheels
In April, we were fortunate enough to have been invited by CATS Motors, the exclusive distributor of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the Philippines, to join the 2013 staging of the \"Mercedes-Benz Driving Experience.\"Facilitated by Mercedes-AMG Driving Academy\'s chief
After 2 months of rigorous training
Multi-awarded Filipino race driver JP Tuason has another item to add to his already long list of achievements. The founder of Tuason Racing School has recently been certified by BMW as an M Driver Trainer.To achieve such a highly coveted
On 130 hectares of land in Germany
BMW recently opened its own driver training center just outside Munich, Germany. Located on what used to be the Furstenfeldbruck airfield less than 30km from the BMW headquarters, the BMW Driving Academy lies on 130 hectares of land, making it the perfect
Committed to reducing traffic fatalities and injuries in the country
Ford Group Philippines recently sent two representatives to the regional refresher training courses for the instructors of its award-winning Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) campaign to "further its commitment to reducing the number of traffic fatalities and injuries in the country."
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