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Meet the X-Cat Disc
Remember the BMW GINA concept car? The name stood for "Geometry and Functions in 'N' Adaptations," and was shown off by the German carmaker in 2008. The cool sports car's main highlight was its fabric construction, which allowed it to possess
How much would you pay for this?
There has always been a certain connection between cars and shoes. A comfortable pair of driving footwear is a must in order to have a safe and stress-free time behind the wheel. And once in a while, carmakers come up with
As demonstrated by these Mini sneakers
Not sure if you're completely aware of it, but most of the consumer products we purchase are not entirely priced according to the quality of materials and the amount of engineering that went into producing them. For most of these commercial
Let us show you the proper attire
If you've been following the Vios Cup series, chances are you've seen the very spiffy OMP outfit used by every driver. But looking good isn't the main reason for all of the gear. With 30 cars on the grid,
Which one will your dad like?
It's Father's Day, a day to celebrate all things manly. And what could be manlier than a motoring-themed Father's Day gift? If you're stumped as to which gift to give your old man, let us make a
Made in Italy since 1963
On a recent visit to Singapore, we chanced upon a shoe store at Ion Orchard Mall called Car Shoe. As its name implies, the store sells nothing but driving shoes--specifically, moccasins with specially designed rubber studs in their soles. Apparently, it'
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