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Keep your body moving during standstills
Three hours. Apparently, you can now get from Balintawak to Baguio in that amount of time. On a really bad day, however, three hours is hardly enough for the one-way drive from Makati to Quezon City. And all those hours spent
Keep cool and never panic
For many of us, the act of driving comes naturally: You get behind the wheel, start the engine...and that's about it. Maneuvering a car-unless you're on the track or navigating twisty mountain roads-is for the most part,
Here are the best answers from our readers
At one point or another, dishing out a good bit of verbal bashing is something almost every motorist has done. Whether it's telling off a jeepney that suddenly cut into your lane, or cussing your lungs out in the confines of
Do you agree?
We hope we don't trigger a debate on feminism with this one: Hyundai Motor UK conducted a study revealing that female motorists are angrier behind the wheel than their male counterparts-12% angrier, in fact.The experiment, conducted by London-based
Put those phones down, people
Bumper-to-bumper traffic is mind-numbingly boring. The kind of boring that makes you rethink your life choices as you wonder how you ended up in that mess in the first place. Worse, you feel helpless amidst all the chaos. It'
These tips could save your life
It's been a long workweek and the daily grind of life has piled on you like a bag of bricks. In short, you're EXHAUSTED! The thing is, like thousands of us motorists, you have to endure the drive from home
New study shows some interesting insights
Many of us are fascinated with speed. There's a certain rush that one experiences when going fast, be it on a roller coaster or around a racetrack at full tilt. But did you know that velocity actually affects our body as
That studies driver distraction and behavior
Honda R&D Americas, together with the Ohio State University, has collaborated to create a new driving simulator laboratory in the institution that has been designed to "support advanced research into issues of driver distraction and other factors impacting driver behavior and
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