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It’s almost summer
The sun is beginning to shine a little brighter, and the sweat's beginning to pour a little faster-yep, it's almost summer. And, of course, with soaring temperatures come a number of hazards that could potentially ruin your car.But
Something we can all learn from
The Japanese are known for many things. Chief among them is their tendency as a people to be polite and courteous. That habit extends to the way they drive.But it turns out that the Japanese are so respectful that they actually
Be smart about it
This is something that we don't wish on anybody, especially during a heavy deluge. But it can and does happen. On an older car, the cause can be a broken or worn-out wiper linkage. On a more modern car, the
A letter sender wants to know
This message arrived in the Top Gear PH inbox recently, and I get excited when the senders are from my hometown. Baguio City is very close to my heart and it played a huge role in making me the driving enthusiast that
And how it's making you dangerous on the road
How proficient would you say you are in driving? If you rate your skills behind the wheel as above-average, guess what-that's the average response given by the majority of drivers out there. As numerous studies have shown, we tend
Be prepared for the wet season
Rainy season is upon us, and we want to make sure that everyone is safe when driving under the deluge. Here are few more no-nonsense tips that will surely come in handy. Slippery soles can slide over the car's pedals,
Growing up shouldn't be hard to do
For the most part, the chaos that is Metro Manila traffic is the result of motorists acting like children. Poor impulse control, impatience, sense of entitlement, selfishness, and tantrums (the adult kind) are to blame for this dismal situation. Driving in this
'Take it slow and steady if necessary'
Driving can be quite hazardous on its own. But throw in some wet weather and it can become, well, lethal. Visibility is impaired and tire grip is minimized due to wet road surfaces. Even the smallest amount of water can make a
Get fit for your road trip
Elite racecar drivers are fit athletes. They need to be able to manage all that adrenaline and g-force on the track. But being in shape is not only beneficial to these motorsports idols, but also to regular motorists like you to
Keep cool and never panic
For many of us, the act of driving comes naturally: You get behind the wheel, start the engine...and that's about it. Maneuvering a car-unless you're on the track or navigating twisty mountain roads-is for the most part,
You don't always have to go hungry
Eating inside a car is a divisive topic among car owners. Personally, I'm not a fan of eating in my own ride, but there are times when it's inevitable, like when you're stuck in traffic and your stomach is
You should be doing all of these
We could (and have) gone on and on about bad drivers and their irritating habits. You don't have to look far to find examples of those. To change things up, we thought we'd focus on the things that make people
Make the most of the experience
There are many ways to describe the experience of owning and driving an old car. If you're like me and you're on your 26th year of owning a now 50-year-old automobile, there's a myriad stories to be
You will never be stranded in the mountains
Mountain retreats like Baguio City and Tagaytay have steep hills. Away from the main highway, you will encounter residential driveways and commercial establishments that have steep and daunting access roads. When driving into or out of these places, not all of these
It feels like an escape
Many drivers dread heading out after dark. It makes sense, as visibility is impaired and you need to be more cautious as you traverse through unfamiliar territory. But if your head's in the right place and you know what you're
A good reason to hit the gym
Wait, fitness advice from the overfed guys of Top Gear PH? No, you didn't accidentally end up on the wrong website. And yes, we're about to blow your mind with a top-secret workout that'll give you the six-
Boredom is just a state of mind
Here we go again. It's 6am and you're dragging your ass out of bed and into the shower, knowing that another long, frustrating drive by your lonesome is in order. Maybe your trip is work-related, maybe not. If you'
And what you can do to control it
There's an old adage in car folklore that oversteer scares passengers while understeer scares drivers. For a lot of people, that is the case. Feeling a car's tail fling out and away from the front can be intimidating when you'
There's science to prove it
Do you take your car to the gym or your weekly Sunday basketball game? If yes, you might want to hold off from driving immediately after afterwards, or at the very least down a bottle of water before doing so.Tests have
Don't be that slow-moving d*******g
We've written a story before about why it's improtant to look ahead of where you're going when you get behind the wheel. We reasoned that it allows you to predict the road conditions ahead and prepare accordingly. This time,
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