Orange plates for e-vehicles to be revived
The Department of Transportation (DOTr) and its supporting agencies have launched a nationwide crackdown against electric bikes and trikes which are not registered with the Land Transportation Office (LTO).DOTr undersecretary Thomas 'Tim' Orbos said the LTO was instructed to flag down
These rides are hot to trot
Riders usually frown at the sight of electric-powered motorbikes or e-bikes, which they deem as mere novelties that are miles away from the real rides. And it is true to some extent, given the kind of e-bikes that have
It's all about safety
E-bikes have been around for some time now, with one of their selling points being the absence of license and registration requirements. But if new regulations push through, all this might be about to change. Recently, reports that the Land Transportation
These are some cool electric bikes
As cities and urban centers become increasingly crowded, many people find themselves looking for creative and innovative ways to get around. While many still can't let go of their cars (especially with a not-so-efficient mass transport system like ours),
Ultimate riding machine
Beyond the driving experience that makes even a trip to the grocery store a pleasurable treat, BMW has been making a name in the area of innovative design. Its i series--namely, the i3 and i8 electric vehicles--have been taking the
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