Can we give them an A for effort?
Yesterday's "Metro Manila Shake Drill" was one for the books. Everything went smoothly, and it looks like the city-wide exercise served its purpose. For all the recent hoopla involving tow trucks and unscrupulous towing personnel, you've got to hand
You've been warned in advance
Last year, several parts of Metro Manila were brought to a standstill after authorities blocked off roads to conduct earthquake drills in anticipation of the "Big One." As a result, many motorists suddenly found themselves stuck in traffic with nowhere to go.
Do you just stop, duck and cover?
We all know what we're supposed to do in an earthquake: stop, duck and cover. But when you're in a moving car during a seismic activity, what to do isn't as clear. And the movement of the car often
In Bohol and Cebu
The Department of Public Works and Highways has released a list of the roads and bridges that were damaged by the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck the Central Visayas region last October 15.Based on the report submitted by DPWH Region
Paying it forward
Although Honda was severely affected by the earthquake and tsunami that devastated eastern Japan on March 11, 2011, the carmaker said it will continue supporting the reconstruction of the areas affected by the catastrophe."Despite the fact that we caused our customers
Find out here
Japan's car making industry has been suffering one blow after another. Last March, the earthquake and tsunami that struck the country crippled its car manufacturing business for months. Just as the industry was getting back on its feet, floods in Thailand
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