A fashionable four-wheel statement
This sounds ironic, but how much are you willing to spend in order to save money? Fuel efficiency is a popular selling point these days, with industry stalwarts like Mitsubishi and Isuzu demonstrating how ridiculously far you can go on a single
Cow manure can power the Toyota Mirai
In November, we began running stories about a car that could very well be the future of motoring: the Toyota Mirai. Avid readers will recall that we gave you the lowdown on what this car is and how it works. We even
Could it make its way here?
The public will finally get a glimpse of the all-new Honda Brio in the metal when curtains are raised at the upcoming Bangkok International Motor Show.On display at last year's event as a concept vehicle known as the Honda
Mitsubishi’s entry to Thailand’s eco-car program
Mitsubishi has revealed the Concept Global Small Car, the highlight of its display at the upcoming Geneval International Motor Show.The concept car, which will eventually be Mitsubishi's entry to Thailand's eco-car program, is scheduled to go into production
Toyota, Hyundai tie for second
Honda was recently named the greenest carmaker for the fifth straight year by the Union of Concerned Scientists (USC) after the group found that its vehicles produce the lowest carbon dioxide emission among seven other brands judged in the United States."It
Be ready for it next year
Honda Motor Co. is eyeing the production of more environment-friendly vehicles for a wider market by 2011, company chief executive Takanobu Ito said.The Japanese carmaker's future plans include a Thailand-made eco-car "with an excellent level of fuel
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