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And it's purely electric-powered
Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where we could drive the car that we wanted, at a pace that we liked, without feeling guilty about wasting precious resources? Take SUVs for example. While a lot of us love
Let's keep our fingers crossed
Jeepneys. Love them or hate them, it looks like they're here to stay--at least for the foreseeable future. Problem is, a good lot of them are old, smoke-belching and hazardous rust buckets with undisciplined drivers who couldn't care
A fashionable four-wheel statement
This sounds ironic, but how much are you willing to spend in order to save money? Fuel efficiency is a popular selling point these days, with industry stalwarts like Mitsubishi and Isuzu demonstrating how ridiculously far you can go on a single
To promote green initiative
EMotors, the Filipino makers of Züm electric tricycles, and supply-chain company 2GO are working in unison to help spread environmental awareness and to shed light on the issue of climate change in the country.The local e-tricycle manufacturer will
Developing their own eco-friendly models
Ford and Hyundai are no hybrid newbies. Ford has been making hybrids since 2004, while Hyundai has been making such cars since 2011. This time, though, it looks like the American and Korean carmakers have finally decided to take the dedicated hybrid
For the event's run in Manila
As the 2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Asia kicks off this weekend at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila, the petroleum company is being joined by Michelin as the event's official global paddock partner and tire supplier."Michelin and Shell share the same
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