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Riders, let’s all make this a habit
A rider can always just hop on his bike and zoom off. But for a safe and hassle-free ride, he should habitually conduct proper check-up of his motorcycle before taking off. When I took the Basic Safety Riding Course offered
Headed for a dealership near you
One of the most duly recognized facets of Toyota is its great after-sales service. In fact, it's one of the key pillars of the company's brand values. More proof of this is the Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology (
To cope with the changing times
Several years ago, motorists were left dumbfounded at the thought of having touchscreen controls inside their vehicles. Today, no modern ride would be complete without one. Technology has made its way into our cars faster than anyone could anticipate.With that in
MMDA chairman thinks so
Why is Metro Manila the traffic violation capital of Southeast Asia? Two main reasons: lack of discipline and lack of information. Hopefully, our incoming President can help address that first bit, but the second one? It's going to take more than
Ultimate guide to road markings in PH
Reading road markings is an important skill for new drivers, yet it's one that even veteran drivers seem to lack. Perhaps it's because our road signage and markings seem to be in a perpetual state of flux, and even the
Good job, Miriam College of Santa Rosa
What's the best way to educate children? They say it's through experience. So when it comes to teaching kids about transportation, the teachers of the "First Step" class of Miriam College in Santa Rosa, Laguna, have the right idea. Last
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