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The Philippines has made great strides towards cleaning up its act when it comes to transportation. There's the Department of Transportation's (DOTR) PUV Modernization Program, which is still ongoing, as well as tax exemptions on electric car imports,
Coming in 2020
The days of big, burly, gas-guzzling pickup trucks are numbered-at least if Atlis and its promising new electric pickup truck, the XT, gets its way. And considering the state of the air we're breathing these days, we wouldn't
Now online
Want to keep up to date with the latest developments on electric cars in the country? Or just looking for some interesting reading material the next time you're stuck waiting for your car to be serviced at the casa? If so,
Say it isn't so?
It's no surprise for a carmaker to confirm more and more of its products will be electrified, but it's no less intriguing to hear it, not least when it involves sports cars. One of Nissan's marketing bosses, Jean-Pierre
The end of an era?
It was a fun ride while it lasted, but Elon Musk's stint as the electric car industry's most popular, most dynamic, and-at times-most polarizing figure may be coming to an end.According to a report by
Surprise, surprise
Another carmaker's diesel lineup is biting the big one. This time, it's Porsche, which has just announced that it is cleaning up its act and doing away with its oil-burning offerings."Porsche has not had a diesel
It's called the e-tron
Another carmaker has taken the leap into fully-electric cars, which can be seen as another nail in the coffin of conventionally powered vehicles. This time, it's Audi with the e-tron full-size SUV. The Four Rings' latest
What range anxiety?
Worried an electric car won't have enough range for your 40km commute? Got range anxiety driving to the mall? Well, step aside. Sylvia Wilson has driven her Tesla Model S 75kW the entire perimeter of Australia.The fully electric sedan covered
Meet the Kalashnikov CV-1
While the likes of Audi and Infiniti were unveiling their new electric concept cars at the Monterey Car Week, another company decided to drop its own EV prototype-at the ARMY-2018 International Military-Technical Forum in Russia. Not your usual automotive
Fulfilling an electric dream
Roughly seven years ago, the electric bug bit me in the form of a red e-bike. It was my first battery-powered transport, and I had no intention of really using it because it was slower than a motorized scooter and
We need a game plan
Those of you who who've already dropped by this year's Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit at the SMX Convention Center will undoubtedly have been drawn to the Nissan Leaf proudly on display at the Japanese carmaker's booth.While it's
Taking on the best of Tesla
Big news. Up until now you've known Porsche's all-electric performance car-due next year-as the Mission E. That was a good name; futuristic, optimistic and powerful. But Porsche has now put that name in the trash: the impending
A 'nerve center' of sustainable mobility
Meet the BMW Concept iX3, the latest vehicle borne of the German carmaker's mission to develop sustainable mobility. It's purely electric-the first Bimmer to do so, according to BMW (maybe it doesn't count the i3 because of the
A well-engineered car
You've probably heard the headlines: The Model 3 is a smaller, half-price (or thereabouts) compliment to the Model S and Model X; there are well over 500,000 paid reservations; it's the lynchpin of Elon Musk's mission to
Is it a stretch?
By now, you may have heard that Dyson--a world-famous vacuum cleaner company--is plunging into the business of building electric cars. Here's what we know so far:* The British company's goal is to launch an electric car by
More than just a fantasy
Windscreen wipers. Actual glass wing mirrors. Somewhere you could conceivably mount a number plate. Leaving off these tedious details is an easy shortcut to building glamor into a concept car. But their presence signifies something that's even more exciting.They mean
With loads of torque
This is the Hyundai Kona Electric. It is, somewhat predictably, a plug-in, zero-emission version of the little Kona crossover.It launches with two different electric powertrains. A base version has a 299km range, 133hp, and a 0-100kph time of
It's in the pipeline
During a quick trip to Singapore with Nissan Philippines, we got to to see the company's plans for the future when it comes to mobility and electrification. The coolest part was getting to hear from the top executives themselves about what'
Company also announces Formula E plans
It didn't take long for the all-new Nissan Leaf to get Nismo-ed. Launched just last month, the Japanese carmaker's flagship EV is packed with intelligent features like ProPilot autonomous driving tech; ProPilot park, which does the parking job
Meet the IMx Zero-Emission Concept
Consider this as the concept car that will start it all-Nissan's take on how cars are "powered, driven and integrated," that is. Launched at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, the IMx Zero-Emission Concept is a crossover EV that is
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