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Would you buy this?
Look, I love cars. I wouldn't be writing for Top Gear Philippines if I didn't. But after a while riding around on an electric kick scooter (EKS), I'd be a fool to say owning a car would make more
Looking to get into alternative mobility?
Admit it: at one point or another, you've looked at an electric kick scooter (EKS) from the confines of your car and wished you owned one-not just so you can skip traffic, but because they just look like they'd
In form only, of course—this Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 only goes up to 25kph
Mercedes-AMG is launching its 2021 Formula 1 car this week, but for local fans of the racing outfit, here's something you might want to check out: The Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team Edition (whew) is
Have you tried something like this?
E-scooter sharing services are a familiar sight in other countries, especially around urban centers. Here in the Philippines, though? Not so much. Moovr PH, which claims to be the country's first-ever scooter sharing platform, is looking to change this.
What if?
Depending on whether the glass in your head is half full or half empty, and whether or not one is referring to situations real or imagined, the mere mention of the words "what if" can generate any of a variety of responses-
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Even before COVID-19, mass transportation in the metro was already fraught with problems. But when the pandemic hit, it brought the transport sector to a sudden halt. Especially in the early days of the crisis, frontliners struggled to find alternative ways
It’s portable, capable, and looks sleek as heck, too
Apart from affordability and practicality, there's one more thing that most people look for when they search for viable alternative transport vehicles: portability. It's what makes gizmos such as bicycles and electric kick scooters (EKS) viable as 'last mile' solutions.
And stocks sold out in a jiffy
We recently came across a pretty intriguing promo from popular Chinese tech company Xiaomi: buy a brand-new smartphone, and get an electric kick scooter (EKS) for free. Quite the unusual combination for a promo, wouldn't you agree? Yeah, you can
It's all about mobility
You can add this smart electric kick scooter (EKS) to the list of vehicles that Mercedes-Benz builds in its spare time. We're kidding. Germans probably don't have spare time because every nanosecond is counted.These scooters aren't that
Their users should also have driver’s licenses
Land Transportation Office (LTO) chief Edgar Galvante stands firm on his recommendation to the Department of Transportation (DOTr) that all electric scooters, kick scooters, and bicycles capable of doing more than 25kph must be registered with the agency. This is despite DOTr
Owners are reminded to register their vehicles
All users of electric scooters, trikes, and kick scooters, here's a heads-up: The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has issued a fresh warning that these forms of alternative mobility are not to be operated on main thoroughfares, as doing so constitutes
Do you agree with this?
Something tells us electric kick scooter owners aren't going to be happy about this.Iligan representative Frederick Siao, the author of the Philippine Responsible Driving and Accountability Act, is now pushing to make Land Transportation Office (LTO) permits a requirement for
This should make commutes more fun
Looking to make your morning commutes to the office just a wee bit more interesting? Forget about buying a bicycle or electric kick scooter-if you're really serious about spicing up your time on the road, why not go for something
Does the brand see an opportunity here?
We're not entirely sure what's gotten into Ducati lately, but the motorcycle manufacturer has suddenly developed a keen interest in alternative mobility.Back in May, the Italian motorbike brand released two electric kick scooters in the form of the Cross-
Meet the Spanish brand’s new all-electric motorcycle and electric kick scooter
It looks like Seat also wants in on the current urban mobility solutions trend. The Spanish carmaker just launched three new battery-powered two-wheelers: The Mo eScooter125, the eKickScooter65, and the eKickScooter25.First up is the Seat Mo eScooter125, the brand'
No car, no problem
You already know where to buy bicycles, e-bikes, and even three-wheelers. If you're still not confident about your biking skills, you might want to consider getting a kick scooter (read: the ones that you stand on) instead. Kick scooters
The service is now available in Germany and the rate is €0.30 or P17 per minute
It's clear that mobility solutions such as electric kick scooters (EKS) are the future. But the fact remains that such transport alternatives are luxuries to most people, and that's already quite the big hurdle to overcome. Even if there were
Have you considered buying something like this?
The past few months have shown us that personal mobility options like electric kick scooters are more than just novelties. These aren't merely toys for people with a little extra money to burn-they're real, viable alternatives.It isn't
Times like these, we could sure use some good alternatives to public transport
It's clear that industries have been shaken up by this pandemic, and it'll forever change the way we do business and, ultimately, how we carry out our daily lives.But of course, the changes that'll result from this crisis
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