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It’s arguably one of BMW’s most radical designs in recent memory
They’re called the Vektorr and the Bltz
Swedish motorcycle brand Husqvarna has finally thrown its hat into the world of electric motorbikes with the launch of its E-Mobility program. We've already given you a preview of the E-Pilen-let's now check out the two other
It’ll have a swappable modular battery system, among other features
Austria-based Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna has announced its plans to join other manufacturers in pursuing electric propulsion, starting with the E-Pilen concept. As the name suggests, the E-Pilen shares a similar design ethos with the avant-garde Vitpilen and Svartpilen,
At least three new models will be introduced by 2024
A couple of days ago, we wrote about Honda's new environmental and safety targets, including its plan to produce only fully-electric cars by 2040. Company president and representative director Toshihiro Mibe announced the Japanese carmaker's goal of attaining carbon
A road-going prototype is in the works
Anyone in the mood for a 180hp motorbike developed by the brightest minds at Williams, Triumph, and an actual university? Yeah, thought you might be. Oh, one other thing-it's electric.But what does that really mean these days? Well, there'
We hope to see more bikes as radically designed as this one
Electric propulsion systems are making their way into motorcycles just as quickly as they are taking the place of conventional engines in cars. Even the largest motorcycle companies are betting big on the EV game these days (see the Harley-Davidson LiveWire,
No more range anxiety
Sondors is the latest name to jump on the electric-motorcycle bandwagon with its new Metacycle.The Metacycle boasts the American company's exclusive 'exo-frame,' a sleek and narrow construction that allows the e-motorbike to easily filter through traffic on
CFMoto hopes to start mass-producing this in 2021
Two years after launching its electric-vehicle division, CFMoto presents the Zeeho Cyber Concept.To adapt to the green travel trend in the transport industry, the concept is powered by a pouch-style lithium-ion battery manufactured by Farasis Energy. The device
Filipinos like flashy designs
The Kymco F9 electric motorcycle is one of the new models unveiled during the Taiwanese manufacturer's recent'Time to Excite' global launch event in Taipei."The idea 'Win My Heart' is within everything we do at Kymco. In this time of
And check out the parka that comes with it
Back in 2017, BMW presented the Concept Link, its idea of two-wheeled, zero-emissions urban mobility at that year's Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este. During the recent NEXTGen 2020 event, the German manufacturer unveiled the closest thing to its
It’s derived from the championship-winning FTR750
It seems Indian Motorcycle wants in on the electric motorcycle game, too. The American motorcycle manufacturer just unveiled its newest creation, and it's electric, it's stylish, and it's... small? Say what?Well, yes, it looks like Indian wants to
It's an off-road beast
After stunning the world with the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, the first electric motorcycle from the iconic American motorcycle company, HD now wants to share how this bike survived 13,000 miles (roughly 21,000km) of rugged roads through a series of podcasts.
It certainly looks fast
It is, and an electric motorbike at that. This is the Zero SR/S, a zero-emissions sport bike made by a Californian startup that's aiming to disrupt those who've been in the market for decades longer.Yep, and if
Meet the Spanish brand’s new all-electric motorcycle and electric kick scooter
It looks like Seat also wants in on the current urban mobility solutions trend. The Spanish carmaker just launched three new battery-powered two-wheelers: The Mo eScooter125, the eKickScooter65, and the eKickScooter25.First up is the Seat Mo eScooter125, the brand'
Its digital key-sharing system allows friends to use the unit
Now that we've found out we have a throng of readers checking out our e-motorbike features, well, here's another one for you guys: Unu, a German brand producing small yet stylish scooters, has come up with a second-generation
It’s appropriately named ‘El Solitario’
The big brands in the motorcycle world are in a rush to come up with electric bikes that they perceive will be patronized by the global market in the near future. Various e-bike projects are currently in the concept stage, and
Meet the Verge TS, a creation of Finnish company Verge Motorcycles
The advent of electrification has really changed the way cars look-the Honda e, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and of course, Tesla's EVs are evidence of this. This evolving design language is apparent in electric motorcycles as well.One good
The four-speed gearbox and chain drive make this EV unique
The Big Four Japanese motorcycle firms have stepped up their R&D for electric motorbikes, and they're racing against time and each other to bring their latest EV innovations to the production line. The battle for supremacy in this segment is
Can this bike change the mindset of Pinoys when it comes to EVs?
Are Filipinos really ready for electric vehicles? Many countries are already embracing electric technology, and yet in this part of the world, we are still taking baby steps in this arena. That said, we're always curious about EVs-particularly electric motorcycles.
Would you want to try these out?
The Tokyo Motor Show 2019 is almost upon us, and cars aren't the only models we're excited about once the event officially begins tomorrow-we're anticipating motorcycle makers to make headlines, too.One such brand we're waiting for
And it has a very poignant story attached to it
Meet the fasted naked electric motorbike in the world. This is the bike Nottingham University has developed for the Isle of Man TT's Zero race, but as a tribute to its fallen rider, it's been tweaked for straight-line speed
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