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An opportunity to bring the uniqueness and passion of Ferrari to new generations
Introduced at CES
Here it is then, folks: the very first 'production' car from new electric car company Faraday Future. Unveiled last night at the Consumer Electronics Show, it's called the 'FF 91' (pronounced nine one we're told), and does indeed sound quite
A really fast plug-in
Every time a quick electric car launches, it's deemed a Tesla rival. Not least by us. Sorry. But there'll be none of that here, for this fully-electric Nio EP9 lives in a whole different ballpark.Looking not unlike a
Meet the NanoFlowcell Quant F concept
Before we proceed to the car story, a short geography lesson first. There is this independent principality (as in like Monaco) in Europe called Liechtenstein. It's sort of sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland, and the people there speak German. It's
Built in Croatia
We bet you didn't know that there's a budding car company in Croatia called Rimac Automobili that has created what you see here, a fully electric supercar called the Concept One (nothing to do with our local alloy-wheel brand,
Silently and swiftly
Before Mercedes-Benz took the SLS AMG Electric Drive to the ongoing 2012 Paris Motor Show, the German carmaker first took its all-electric supercar to Spain and drove it around the Ascari Circuit.Resplendent in its electric-blue finish, the SLS
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