It was supposed to be introduced at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
You'll have heard by now that this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed has been postponed for, well, obvious reasons. No doubt this also means many of the cars due to be revealed at the event have also been delayed. We
Porsche lights the way
Well, nothing and everything. This is the Taycan, Porsche's first fully-electric car, and as such, the first proper production EV from a legacy manufacturer that puts performance first. This could revolutionize the way many markets regard e-mobility.Not overnight,
Every set of wheels counts
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring the best out of Filipino motorists, whether they be on two wheels or four.A few days ago, we reported that local bicycle owners have started banding together to lend their rides to frontline healthcare
It’s more than just a powertrain swap, too—the underpinnings also get upgraded
Listen up, people, because Volkswagen's Commercial Vehicles department has just unveiled its most exciting model in years. Not to hate on the Caddy and the Transporter too much, but oh, how design has regressed since the wonderful Type 2 you see
Go big or go home
The all-new electric Fiat 500 is a properly committed effort by Italy's small-car specialist. Though it riffs off the familiar 500 shape, it's bigger on the outside, better on the inside, and totally differently powered.It's an
Traditional gasoline, diesel, and hybrid variants will also be part of the range
BMW has confirmed that its next-generation 7-Series will be offered as a full electric car. Which means that soon, all you'll be able to hear is the grille. And reactions to it, perhaps.Yup, continuing its march toward a
A tribute to the outgoing hybrid sports car
The BMW i8 will soon cease to be a thing. Production of the gorgeous two-door hybrid sports car will end in April, and if you need any more, BMW has some solace.Because BMW has released a new image gallery showing
Because old motorsport style makes everything better—even the future
Seventeen years after the company was founded
According to an Elon Musk tweet, Tesla has just built its 1,000,000th car. The red Model Y (effectively a taller, more spacious version of the Model 3, of which deliveries are about to begin in the States) rolled off the
The next five rounds will either be postponed or canceled
Formula E and the FIA have announced that the 2019/20 season has been suspended for the next two months due to the coronavirus pandemic.In an official statement, organizers said: "With the well-being of staff, spectators, and the entire championship
New wheels, brakes, and tires make up this hardware upgrade
Often frequent track days in your Tesla? You'll be wanting Elon's latest option-the Model 3 Performance 'Track Package.'At $5,500 (around P278,400) in the US, it certainly ain't cheap, but for that, you'll get new
It’s called ‘BeeAnywhere’ by Manchester-based startup MeV
If you're keeping tabs on European car news, you might recall that Dacia recently unveiled the Spring Electric concept, which it claimed would be "Europe's most affordable all-electric vehicle" when it reaches production in early 2021. Some might say
Plus, updates on LTO driver’s license exam and centralized digital system
By then, batteries should be able to provide the required range for grand tourers
Electric Bentleys will be here by the middle of the decade-so said CEO Adrian Hallmark when Top Gear spoke with him on Bentley's mock-Geneva show stand, hastily assembled in its Crewe showroom when the Swiss motor show was canceled
They’d make city streets brighter and happier-looking
We love the Microlino at Top Gear. Despite the small problem that, when we first drove the prototype electric bubble car back in 2018, it wasn't exactly finished.Since then, it's been embroiled in an untidy legal battle, and then
The second-gen model will remain available for those who prefer gasoline power
It may be slightly tricky to tell at first glance, but this is actually it-the brand-new Fiat 500. Brace, Internet, brace.Whilst the looks may not be radically different, the powertrain certainly is. That's because this third-gen 500
It was created together with German film score composer Hans Zimmer
The lack of an engine sound in an EV once posed problems for pedestrians in real-life situations. These days, however, it has become an opportunity for carmakers to customize their products even further in a way where they can truly inject
The eco-friendly van is set to debut in Canada and the US in 2022
Ford is apparently giving yet another nameplate the EV treatment, but we're guessing this time, the American carmaker won't piss off as many people as it did when it launched the Mustang Mach-E. That's because this time around,
“It’s the last car that we’ll fully electrify”
Porsche has shown off its new 911 Turbo S in the week of the canceled Geneva International Motor Show. Unlike other Turbo S models, it's not a hybrid. And Porsche's big cheeses have been pretty bullish that an electrified 911
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