An SUV that’s quicker and more aggressive than normal
This is the all-electric, all-wheel-drive Audi e-tron S, and it'll throw shapes like few Audis before it. Seriously. We drove a prototype in February (remember 'February'?) and found it to be about as playful as fast four-
This all-electric truck is set to go on sale in the US pretty soon
There's a new electric pickup that has just been unveiled in the US, and it's not a Tesla, a Nikola, or a Rivian. The one pictured above is the Lordstown Endurance, and it's the newest battery powered truck in,
It has both 15- and 33-seat configurations, so physical distancing is possible
Hyundai's mobility solutions come in all shapes and sizes, so it seems. From electric kick scooters to electric aircraft, and now this: a fully-electric minibus.This is the Hyundai County Electric, the Korean carmaker's newest vehicle that it recently
Some facts you might not know
Elon Musk did not found Tesla. How about that? In fact, Tesla Motors Inc.-now simply Tesla Inc.-was founded on July 1, 2003 in Palo Alto, California, by American engineers and entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Eberhard was the company'
We reckon we know what they are
Coventry Motors (CMC), the official distributor of Jaguar Land Rover in the Philippines, has some big things lined up next month. The company has just sent us an invite for an upcoming digital launch that will see the introduction of two new
Its range remains the same
Say hello to the facelifted Jaguar I-Pace. Mechanically speaking, it's much the same as before, with a very respectable 470km of range from its 90kWh battery and 395hp for 0-60mph (97kph) in 4.5sec. Looks much the same, too.
Power is power
When, late last year, we revealed that the next Porsche Cayman would go all-electric, the most upvoted comment below the story simply ran: "The end is near."Given that we seem to be starring in the final act of a low-
This thing’s quite a looker
I like e-bikes, I really do. They're a neat way to go about getting around in an environmentally-sound fashion, and they run on considerably less physical effort compared to their purely pedal-powered counterparts.E-bikes are such an
Hurray for cleaner air
Good news, Volvo T8 plug-in hybrid owners: Volvo Philippines is now offering free home installation of its Wallbox device for convenient charging of your cars during the COVID-19 pandemic.The Wallbox is a charging station that can be mounted near
It was even worth more than Ford at one time
Earlier this week Nikola Motors-a company that is yet to deliver a single vehicle-was briefly worth more than $30 billion (P1.506 trillion). For a time, the startup, which only went public last week, was worth more than Ford. And
Some exciting news for the automotive industry
It's official: Ford and Volkswagen are teaming up to build commercial, electric, and autonomous vehicles in the coming years.Ford and Volkswagen's talks about inking a partnership were first made public in July 2019. Now that the agreement has been
It’s still on track for a 2020 launch
Good news for all you electric-SUV enthusiasts out there-the BMW iX3 is still on track for a 2020 launch. The homologation process-which involved 340 hours and 7,700km of testing in the space of just four weeks-is now
This is the future
Germany is making another move to usher in an era of electric mobility.According to a report by Reuters, the European nation will be requiring gas stations to provide EV charging infrastructure for motorists as part of a €130 billion (P7.3
Here’s the downside: Top speed is only 45kph
Can you imagine having to lift a bulky e-scooter battery to a recharging port or station after a long commute? Sounds awful, right? Well, Silence-a Barcelona-based scooter manufacturer- has thought of a brilliant solution to this problem in the
Its digital key-sharing system allows friends to use the unit
Now that we've found out we have a throng of readers checking out our e-motorbike features, well, here's another one for you guys: Unu, a German brand producing small yet stylish scooters, has come up with a second-generation
As you'll well know, General Motors is planning to bring back the Hummer in 2021. This is huge news, not least because GMC (the company's trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles arm) has decided to eschew the gasoline and diesel V8s
When will we start taking EVs seriously?
Tokyo ambulances aren't just busy saving lives. Now, they're saving the environment, too.Nissan has just announced that NV400 Zero Emission is now part of the Tokyo Fire Department's ambulance fleet. The news comes as part of a collaboration
Way ahead of its time
Thought plug-in hybrids were a relatively new phenomenon? Think again, because Audi built its first one way back in 1989.Yup, 1989, the same year British scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. When cassettes were more popular than
Perfect for the new normal
Bring out a pen and a piece of paper, because you're about to start on your 2020 Christmas wish list. Item number one? One of these two Ducati-branded electric kick scooters.Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. The Italian
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