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The iconic shape will live on
EV conversion specialist Electrogenic's latest project has electrified the iconic Jaguar E-Type, again. This time, the brand makes use of its 'plug'n'play' electric conversion kit in the car Jaguar now wants you to forget.Lighter than the original '
by Cat Dow
And check out the livery
Remember the Lancia Delta Evo-e restomod that sent the internet into a frenzy a while back? Well it's spawned a race car, of which there are now two; both gloriously finished in Martini Racing colors ahead of this weekend's
This could be a game-changer
The Hyundai Ioniq 5 N isn't finished. The noises it'll pump into the cabin aren't finalized yet. Its pumped-up bodywork is hidden under a garish shrink-wrapped disguise. Inside there's a sporty new steering wheel and sporty
Are you sure, Volvo?
The upcoming Volvo EX30 electric SUV-teased for the first time late last year and again earlier this month at a distance best described as telescopic-will be making a big thing of its smartphone connectivity and clever storage, the firm has
The Hyundais look at home in the Spider-Verse
If you have Fast & Furious fatigue and you're starting to rankle when you hear the word "family," there is another franchise in theaters other than Vin Diesel's never-ending sequels. And the good news is, it also has interesting cars.
Let's hope the pricing is really competitive
Omoda, an upcoming brand in the local automotive industry, wants to make its mark on the electric vehicle (EV) landscape in the Philippines. The Chinese marque made its formal introduction this year, and is part of an influx of new car brands
The baby mouse is back!
If your heart hasn't already melted at the sight of the image above, perhaps the translation of its name will help defrost thine icy veins. Fiat has revealed the first image of its new, really very small electric car and given
Play solo or compete with your passengers in multiplayer mode
BMW has teamed up with an online video games platform called AirConsole, and the new collaboration means for the occupants of the new all-electric BMW 5-Series can pass the time playing games while the car is charging.Launched last week,
by Cat Dow
An 'Expedition-like' EV SUV is coming soon
Just about every type of car is getting battery-powered these days. From small city cars to pickup trucks, the next generation of mobility is becoming more and more electric. Almost every automaker is investing big time in electric power, and Ford
Electric D-Max, anyone?
For the longest time, Isuzu has been known as 'the diesel experts'. After all, the brand has a well-earned reputation of robustness and reliability. But times are changing, and electrified is the buzzword of the automotive industry. So where does that
It’s actually possible
For years, certain challenges have been in the way of EV expansion in the Philippines: the lack of charging infrastructure, needed legislation, the upfront costs, and inadequate subsidies, to name a few. The revolution, however, has already begun.For its part, SM
And do the savings justify this electric two-wheeler’s steep asking price?
Here's the latest electric two-wheeler we got our hands on recently: Meet the Ecooter E5, a full-fledged electric scooter that combines the efficiency of an e-bike with the long-distance capability of a gasoline-powered motorcycle. It's
No actual 911 STs were harmed in the restoration
Everrati has been at it again. Not satisfied with turning the comments section into a frenzy with electric versions of the Porsche 964 and 911 Cabriolet, it is now lining up the "ultra-rare" 911 ST for electrification.To be clear Everrati
Mini EV pickups, anyone?
Remember the Baojun Yep? It's a mini EV SUV that was revealed earlier this year, and it did draw some parallelisms with a certain small SUV from Suzuki. That aside, the boxy and retro-inspired interior drew a fair bit of
After a lot of thought on our part
Okay maybe a little background is in order for our regular readers. The teenage girl in the photo is Kendra Kramer. She is the daughter of former professional basketball player Doug Kramer, and '90s crush ng bayan Cheska Garcia. The Kramers, Doug,
Yes, that grille has fangs
Peugeot has pulled the covers off its refreshed 2008 and e-2008, and in news that will come as no surprise to anyone, it has been treated to a new face and a fresh LED light signature at both ends. Yep, it'
It can do 0-60mph in about 5sec and has a max range of roughly 320km
A quarter of a million pounds (around P17.3 million) gets you comfortably into a shiny new long-wheelbase, V8-powered Range Rover SV with over 500 British horsies and some goodies. Or it gets you into a very shiny old electric
As a guide for its enforcers
Slowly but surely, the list of hybrid and electric vehicles is growing in the country. That also means that more of these cars are exempt from the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program, also known as the number/color coding scheme. That's
Yet another upmarket EV has landed
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) previously confirmed that it will launch the battery-electric Lexus RZ-alongside the Toyota bZ4X-in the country sometime this year. Well, it looks like that time has come.Lexus Philippines has officially unveiled the all-new EV.
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