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The Shogun, as the Pajero is known there, sold 114,164 units in 37 years
We hardly knew ye
There's been speculation for a little while, but yesterday, Volkswagen announced the official end of its beloved Beetle, as the brand moves to being a "full-line, family-focused automaker." Yes, this announcement came from the US of A.The Beetle
For real this time around
There is a grief that can't be spoken when a vehicle model you desire is slated for discontinuation. A heartbreaking press release from Toyota Australia states that the FJ Cruiser's production will end this coming August.What makes the pain
Hybrid supercar ends production run
Back in 2010, we were all drooling over the Porsche 918 Spyder concept unveiled in Geneva, and we couldn't wait for the German carmaker to build this cool hybrid supercar. Fast-forward to September 2013, and Porsche pulled the wraps off
Down to the tools and the overalls
With the Land Rover Defender's production coming to an end this year, the British carmaker is honoring its iconic model by building an authentic replica of the production line used to manufacture the vehicle in 1948.Established as a visitor attraction,
Quotes Jeremy Clarkson as well
Polestar has worked with the Volvo C30 since the car's introduction in 2006. Since then, the Swedish tuning company has worked on over 1,200 units for private customers, secured 20 racing victories, and claimed five racing championships with the car.
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