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For your next project car, perhaps?
At the risk of stating the obvious, crate engines are tremendous. For a five-figure spend, you get a) an entirely brand-new engine, b) towers of power to rival Nakatomi Plaza-and often a top end that's every bit as
Of course the list starts with a Ferrari
First things first: It's actually a lot harder to pick just the nine best naturally aspirated engines than you might think. Do you pick outright power, supplicate yourself before technology, surround yourself with sound, or ensure the engines in question are
Compatible with the 2021 models of the SX-F
In motorcycle racing, the trial-and-error process of finding the perfect suspension and engine setup is a costly undertaking for racing teams. Thankfully, KTM's engineers recently came up with a solution to this problem with the development of the myKTM
It uses an electric motor to eliminate lag
You may have noticed there's been a trend of downsizing-or the mass adoption of replacing big, naturally aspirated engines with smaller turbocharged ones-over the last few years. It was a forced hand by the rule makers to reduce fuel
Hear us out
Why have we all been trained to treat turbo lag like it's our quarantine Internet history? Embarrassing, not something to admit liking in public, and ripe for swift deletion. This is wrong. Turbo lag should be savored. Encouraged. Respected.Seriously. Think
Complete with turbocharging and hybridization
This is the engine that will power the Aston Martin Valhalla. It's the first engine designed in-house by the British carmaker itself-rather than wheeled in on crates from elsewhere-since 1968. England still had possession of the World Cup
Say it ain’t so
Are you a fan of the Mitsubishi Strada or Montero Sport's torquey diesel performance? If your answer is yes, you're probably not going to be happy with what you're about to read.According to a recent report by the
It's called the Big Boxer
There are many frustrations that increasingly stifle our enjoyment of modern motor cars, but one that's blighting just about every car made outside of northern Italy is ugly engines. Or ugly engine covers, to be precise. Very few brand-new cars
To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the brand’s Blue Core Technology
It's trivia time! Do you know when the legendary Yamaha Sniper was first introduced in the Philippines?Then known as the T135, the Sniper was unveiled locally in 2006 following a grand 15,000km tour participated in by riders from six
This is the future
Volvo and owners Geely are spinning-off their respective engine manufacturing operations into a new standalone business that "will seek to develop next-generation combustion engines and hybrid powertrains."Volvo says the move will allow it to better focus on "the development
A problem you should definitely fix
Hear that? That knocking sound from under your hood?Okay, we hope you don't actually hear anything aside from the sound of your engine running smoothly. But alas, as any car owner knows, things can and do break down as your
This is for the European market
So, we finally have a clearer idea of what Mazda's revolutionary Skyactiv-X engine tech is capable of. The Japanese car manufacturer has just revealed the engine details for the European market, with deliveries over there set to begin in autumn.
The pros and cons of each system
The continuous progress and expansion of modern society in a finite world have put a strain on what limited resources we have, and have brought on irreversible environmental consequences. Looking into the future, our demand for more energy to light up our
And we hope they put it in this car
Brilliant news, everyone-Mazda has announced it plans to develop new six-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines.Well, we say 'announced.' The news actually comes from a presentation delivered to investors and uploaded to Mazda's website (slide 26, if you're
We may not be able to afford them, but this is good to know
AMG has announced that its current generation of V12-engined S-Class sedans will be its last. There's no 12-cylinder Audi A8 in certain markets, and heck, the only Jaguar XJ left on sale is a turbodiesel.So, you'd
And should I worry?
There are many reasons you suddenly see a check engine light after getting gas. It could be a loose fuel cap, a gasket gone bad on said fuel cap, or a damaged vacuum hose, among others.Modern cars (mostly those built in
What are the risks?
One of the benefits of modern computer-controlled engines is efficiency. These kinds of engines manage the ignition and fueling in a precise manner so that very little fuel wastage occurs.Take, for instance, fuel mixtures. In carbureted engines, fuel mixtures were
To be used in 60% of its vehicles by 2021
The race to the future between the big car manufacturers is on. Each brand is aiming for something unique and special to power their next generation of vehicles. In Toyota's case, its focus is on improving driving performance while reducing its
We have both the short and long answers
The short answer is: It won't hurt your engine, but it will shorten the life of your clutch components.Each gear of your transmission allows for a maximum vehicle speed when the engine is turning at its peak engine speed. First
Better performance, less fuel
We're sure that many of you are familiar with the BMW M4 GTS and its 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbocharged mill. As we mentioned last year, the car's engine features a revolutionary water-injection system, which raises its performance
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