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With proper care and maintenance, well, it can look like this
Toyotas are known for a lot of things, reliability being one of the most distinct of them. It's one of the reasons the brand's cars last for decades. The next time you see a Tamaraw FX on the road, remember
The RM Sotheby's Miami sale kicks off on 10 December, and contrary to what you might think, it's not just ludicrously rare hypercars and unbelievably expensive youngtimers that'll cross the block.There's also some
For your next project car, perhaps?
At the risk of stating the obvious, crate engines are tremendous. For a five-figure spend, you get a) an entirely brand-new engine, b) towers of power to rival Nakatomi Plaza-and often a top end that's every bit as
It's nice to see engineers going crazy once in a while
The Ford Excursion is classed in its American homeland as a 'full-sized SUV' and everywhere else as 'a small planet'. Being big enough to seat most of New Hampshire, the mid-2000s spec giant was supplied with a variety of V8s
It’s a 1NZ-FXE engine
Some Toyotas can live long enough to see hundreds of thousands of kilometers on their odometers before they finally give out. But have you ever wondered what the engine of a Toyota actually looks like after, say, half a million kilometers?If
Nice to see what the inside looks like, but sad to see it in this state
Buying an old engine can be really tricky, especially if you intend to make a profit on it. You won't really know the powertrain's real state unless you take it apart and take a good look at its insides. There
Of course the list starts with a Ferrari
First things first: It's actually a lot harder to pick just the nine best naturally aspirated engines than you might think. Do you pick outright power, supplicate yourself before technology, surround yourself with sound, or ensure the engines in question are
This 6.2-liter supercharged V8 costs a little over P1 million, though
Mopar has launched its newest crate engine: The Hellcrate Redeye 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V8 that's capable of an eye-watering 807 horses and 972Nm of torque. How's that for an engine swap?This beast of a powertrain is
There will still be gasoline-powered Maseratis in the future
Maserati's got a new sports car coming, and ahead of its reveal in September, this is our glimpse at what's powering its rear wheels. While the company has promised all-electric stuff in the future, you'll have spotted this
It’s not cheap
Now, you don't see these things everyday. VDM Cars in deepest Deutschland claims to have in its possession an actual Nissan Juke-R. One of just five built, it says, and now available to buy for a mere £580,000 (P36.
It comes with an official 112-page collector’s book from the Porsche Museum
We're rather fond of tiny engines here at Top Gear PH. You might recall that self-assembling engine we featured earlier this week.We've always liked these tiny renditions of the motors that power the machines we drive. Having the
Our favorite stop-motion video yet
These days, we've been scouring the internet more than ever, trying to look for interesting stuff that can help us pass our time.And in this continuous effort to find anything that'll keep our sanity intact through these tough times,
Just listen to that 830hp V12
Lamborghini's Squadra Corse department is doing a Ferrari FXXK-style track-only hypercar, and as you can see/hear from the video above, it makes a collection of very excellent noises.Most of these noises emanate from the 6.5-liter
Ever heard of the Bertone Freeclimber?
Time for an inconvenient truth. No, not that one, with impossibly large global consequences-just a smaller, regularly inconvenient one: BMWs aren't good-looking anymore. Sure, there's a few exceptions in the muscular M2, the reserved 5-Series, and brutish
What a glorious sound
How's your day going, ladies and gentlemen? For today, we bring you noise, glorious noise. Lamborghini's Squadra Corse division is working on a new track-only hypercar, and this is what it sounds like.Art thine ears ready? Is thine
About time
Lexus has built a new engine for a new car that'll take on an old race. Behold, the Lexus LC Coupe, which will feature a new twin-turbo V8 ready for the 2020 edition of the 25 Hours Nürburgring.Not
It's called the Big Boxer
There are many frustrations that increasingly stifle our enjoyment of modern motor cars, but one that's blighting just about every car made outside of northern Italy is ugly engines. Or ugly engine covers, to be precise. Very few brand-new cars
This is the future
Volvo and owners Geely are spinning-off their respective engine manufacturing operations into a new standalone business that "will seek to develop next-generation combustion engines and hybrid powertrains."Volvo says the move will allow it to better focus on "the development
Can you relate?
In the land of heavy traffic and scarce parking, getting a motorcycle just seems too tempting. So you did your research, took a Motorcycle Riding Safety Course, made paalam kay misis, and if lucky, finally purchased your own motorcycle. Next thing you
The company will continue to fight to save it from extinction
Way back in 1947, Enzo Ferrari's first road car (the 125 S) used a compact little 1.5-liter V12 that produced a nifty 118hp. In the years that have followed, V12s of ever-increasing displacement and power outputs have been
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