An interview with Marc Brunner
With an increasing number of Filipinos taking on bigger roles abroad in major international companies-especially in the fields of hospitality, construction, and IT-you could say these highly trained, knowledgeable, and skilled personnel are fast becoming our most important exports. Anywhere
Hiroshi Tamura is our new idol
Hiroshi Tamura is almost a walking contradiction. At first, he seems like your typical business exec who carries the Nissan name behind his suit and tie. But underneath the corporate armor is a childlike fascination that emerges once he explains the nuances
A literally cool idea
Inter-island travel is nothing new. There's already a ton of awe-inspiring bridges and tunnels around the world. Some examples are the Pas-de-Calais in Northern France and the 50.5km Channel Tunnel in the UK. If some Norwegian
Which German cars influenced his team?
During the launch of the all-new Civic, Honda Cars Philippines' marketing department gave us a few minutes with chief engineer Hiroshi Ito. We saw that Ito-san had a long day, so we tried to make the interview short and sweet.
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