With a 9,000rpm redline
Something wicked this way comes.. and it's coming from the direction of one of Top Gear's favorite 're-imagineers' of Porsche 911s: Singer Vehicle Design. And Williams Advanced Engineering, part of Williams Grand Prix Engineering Group.It would seem that
Meet Bisi Ezerioha
Fixing my gaze onto his little orange bow doesn't help. This is very real. This is happening. I think my brain is actually going to explode.That's what it feels like when I enter the third hour of dense conversation
Hiroshi Tamura is our new idol
Hiroshi Tamura is almost a walking contradiction. At first, he seems like your typical business exec who carries the Nissan name behind his suit and tie. But underneath the corporate armor is a childlike fascination that emerges once he explains the nuances
Which German cars influenced his team?
During the launch of the all-new Civic, Honda Cars Philippines' marketing department gave us a few minutes with chief engineer Hiroshi Ito. We saw that Ito-san had a long day, so we tried to make the interview short and sweet.
Organized by DLSU ME students
If you don't know it yet, the car culture among college students is pretty dynamic. These kids seem to know what they're doing. Their taste in automobiles may be too youthful for some, but we can't deny their passion
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