Atoy works his magic with midsize SUVs, too
Over the past few months, Atoy Customs has been making waves on social media thanks to photos of its celebrity clientele's 'Manila-proofed' rides. Long story short, these are vans which have been equipped to handle our horrid traffic situation.Some
A perfectly fine daily driver
Perhaps it's just me, but I find it rather disconcerting that the Ford Everest comes with enough electronic aids to launch a mission to Mars. Blind Spot Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Parking, Terrain Management, Lane Keeping system. Call me prehistoric,
As well as a 10-speed transmission
Late last year, we reported that a refreshed version of the Ford Everest equipped with a new engine would be making its way to the Philippines sometime in 2018. Well, it looks like that plan is one step closer to fruition.The
As part of a five-year long package
When it comes to car brands, reputation goes a long way. What's discussed by word of mouth, in a car forum, or on social media can oftentimes make or break a carmaker's bottom line. Ford Philippines, for example, has (and
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