That’s one sexy sedan right there
We're a little torn here, to be honest. We love the 2019 Hyundai Sonata's sporty new vibe and ultra-sleek new design cues, but part of us is still clinging onto the last one's (or the current one here)
Made for the autobahn
This is the new Volkswagen Passat. On the surface it looks rather like the outgoing one-little has changed visually-but beneath it there are some pretty punchy tech upgrades.Headlining those is the slightly ambiguously named 'Travel Assist.' It's the
Looking sportier than ever
Can an executive vibe and sporty styling mix? If we're going by the look of the all-new Toyota Camry, then yes, they can.The latest iteration of the Japanese carmaker's midsize sedan was launched earlier today, 10 days after
With hybrid powertrains
In a rapidly changing automotive landscape, the Toyota Crown nameplate has survived since 1955. In the Philippines, it's perhaps best known as the personal car of President Cory Aquino--the one she rode away in following Fidel Ramos's inauguration in
It's still the luxury sedan we yearn to have
In the motoring journalism world, you would usually review a car not long after it's launched. Maybe you'll first get a feel for it during a media event or a short lend-out, then eventually do a longer drive once
A boardroom on wheels
When you imagine the kind of car that a successful and busy business leader would drive, you'd probably picture him or her in a big and bold BMW or Mercedes-Benz that screams "I've made it." One German carmaker that
Including LaneWatch technology
Honda Cars Philippines has announced that the refreshed Accord is now available in the Philippines. The Japanese carmaker's executive sedan now sports a sportier and more premium look, as well as additional interior and convenience features to go along with the
We just drove it to Batangas
We think the best way to get to know a car is to take it out on a road trip. There's nothing like a few hundred kilometers for you to become familiar with how it drives, appreciate its interior, and even
It has a massager for the driver
Luxury, comfort, extravagance--these are the first three words that spring to mind when you set your sights on the all-new Volkswagen Passat. Very few cars, if any, better personify the lifestyle of the working elite.From the simple yet sleek
To be offered in Japan this month
The Toyota Crown was once known as the default ride for many executives back in the '70s to the late '90s. Before the arrival of the Camrys, the Accords and the Cefiros, the Crown had ferried the bosses to and from the
It now looks like its Avalon big brother
As proven by its class-leading sales, the Toyota Camry is exactly what executives and professionals want in a midsize car. However, we think it wouldn't hurt to spruce it up a little. After all, the midsize-sedan segment is more
To be unveiled next month
The midsize sedan segment has always been one of the most competitive classes in the car industry. Almost every player has its own offering, although admittedly, the dominant nameplates are the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. And then there is the
To complement mainstream fleet
Nearly a year after GrabCar launched its ride-sharing program in the Philippines, the company is now repackaging its operations by launching the GrabCar+ premium service.For GrabCar+, the service deploys midsize sedans and SUVs like the Toyota Camry and Fortuner. Also
The executive sedan with maximum attitude
Nissan is well-known for producing some of the maddest motors in all of Japan. Yet over here, under the Nissan Yulon banner, the brand pushed forward "luxury" as its raison d'être.This strategy might have worked if the products kept
This or the Euro-market model?
When the current-generation Toyota Camry was launched in 2011, the US-market model looked a lot different from the European-market version--which was what we eventually got for our market the following year. With the updated Camry's recent revelation
Quieter yet more aggressive-looking
Toyota Europe has revealed the updated look of its Euro-market Camry, giving it a "more prestigious and dynamic exterior styling, and a significantly revised interior with a focus on high technology and improved sensory quality."The updated Camry ditches its conservative
Long live the King
The Honda Accord has always been a fantastic car, winning accolades all throughout its history. But like an aging rock star, it has gotten soft over the decades.The previous Accord was arguably the best in its class, but also undoubtedly the
Practicality, reliability and quality
The Honda Accord has been one of the best-selling cars in the US because it ticks three of the most important boxes: practicality, reliability and quality. That nameplate has a particularly solid reputation.Since it arrived in our market 20 years
Two variants to choose from
The first model available in the Philippines equipped with Honda's "Earth Dreams Technology"--the ninth-generation Honda Accord--has been launched and is now sold in two variants: the 2.4 S priced at P1,720,000, and the 3.5
Demand that these procedures be performed
I need your advice. My mother is planning to buy an executive European sedan. One dealership gave a "good deal" since it is an old stock (a 2012 model). But are we really getting a good deal considering the car has been
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