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Lamborghini X Skyler Grey
The man you see in the image below is American street artist Skyler Grey. Mr. Grey has pretty mad talent for the whole drawing and painting business. So much so, in fact, that Lamborghini gave him an Aventador S to paint for
For those who like their rides dark like the DC Extended Universe
Chrome isn't for everybody. Depending on the treatment and the application, some people can find the stuff too loud, tacky, or even obnoxious. If you sit on this side of the fence when it comes to chrome, Toyota has something you
These retro liveries celebrate Porsche’s motorsports legacy
We have good news if you're one of the lucky 77 people who have their name down for the new, second-generation 935. Porsche has just announced that you can slather the £750k (Around P50.4 million) track-only uber 911
Hyundai’s April Fool’s Day prank shows what a little N roadster might look like
Welcome to Hyundai's idea of an April Fool's Day prank-teasing us with a car we want very much, but no matter how often we ask, it simply will not build. Not cool, guys. Don't be joking about things
This is our version
The second-generation Mitsubishi Lancer was offered here from 1980 to 1988. Its distinctive angular styling earned it the nickname 'box-type.' It was fairly simple, easy to maintain, and quite sporty, particularly if you opted for the GSR and newer GT
Here’s what one should/could/would look like
Are you a sadist? Have you been struggling to sleep at night as the fifth-generation Supra's agonizingly tortuous gestation period is finally over? Well, let us spool up the Toyota Supra rumor mill once again. This, ladies and gents, is
Help bring this show vehicle to market
I was a media guest of Chevrolet at this year's Bangkok International Motor Show. As such, I had the privilege of witnessing within an arm's length the centerpieces at the American carmaker's display booth, which were unveiled just before
A much-needed makeover for US market
In March last year, General Motors announced the discontinuation of the subcompact Sonic's production in the carmaker's facility in Rayong, Thailand, as part of its restructuring strategy in Southeast Asia. In the US market, however, the smallish Chevy continues to
Could these cars be any sexier?
Believe it or not, the Mercedes-Benz CLA is already three years old. The swoopy compact four-door coupe and its equally sleek CLA Shooting Brake sibling (introduced much later) have helped reel in younger buyers into the German carmaker's stable."
Now that's what you call a refresh
Yes, the Chevrolet Trax is getting a refresh--in the US at least. Why so soon? Well, with the competition in the US subcompact crossover segment heating up, Chevrolet decided to give the Trax a little nip and tuck to help maintain
For the year 2015
Believe it or not, concept cars are actually recognized for their looks and overall appeal. One such governing body that pays tribute to these vehicles is the Festival Automobile International, which recently named the Mazda RX-Vision the "Most Beautiful Concept Car
Imaginative artist dreams it up
Remember the BMW 8-Series? In case you're too young to recall, the Munich-based carmaker came out with a two-door grand tourer (or GT) produced from 1989 through 1999. In true GT fashion, it was big, yet had a
Full-size sedan set for 2016 reveal
Have you ever heard of the Kia Cadenza? The name may sound foreign unless you're really into cars. Truth be told, it's one of the lesser-known Kia models out there. In our market, a few examples have been brought
Check out that big front grille
As you know, we flew to Jakarta last week to cover the Indonesia International Motor Show. Running parallel with the IIMS is another motoring event, the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show--kind of like the dichotomy between our very own Manila International
Now that all 3 SUVs have been revealed
Whew! Is it just us or is the midsize SUV segment really burning right now from all the hot-looking new contenders? We're talking specifically about these three: Ford Everest, Mitsubishi Montero Sport and Toyota Fortuner.In March, you will remember
Join Mazda PH's MX-5 design competition
I'm not going to lie: Being an automotive journalist is a pretty cool gig. So cool, in fact, that I often catch myself wondering what I did in my juvenile past to deserve this job. To be honest, there are not
Mitsubishi Thailand releases teaser
It looks like the hottest segment in the automotive market right now is the midsize SUV, with the likes of the Isuzu MU-X and the Chevrolet Trailblazer jostling for precious market share. In the coming days, the competition will only get
It's truly the year of the pickup
Nissan Philippines president Antonio Zara may have come up with the industry quote of the year when he said: "Let the pickup wars begin." He declared that when he launched his brand's capable Navara truck. And the statement is true, because
Photos of Toyota's SUV in actual metal
For the past few months, people have been speculating as to how the all-new Toyota Fortuner will look like. Computer-generated renditions, speculative illustrations, spy shots, camouflaged images--name it...we've seen them all. All except the real thing in
For its groundbreaking design
The Red Dot design award is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world in the field of design. You may have seen this logo slapped onto some of the nice products you use. This year, the Mazda MX-5 won
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