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And an off-road one at that
McLaren, famed for Formula One racing and a road car division that builds multiple carbon-tubbed mid-engined turbocharged wallop-chariots, has a new SUV. Yep. An electric SUV.This is not, however, a zero-emission rival to the Bentley Bentayga and
The carmaker has committed to participating in the second season of the series
McLaren Racing-the bit of McLaren Group that does Formula 1, not the bit that builds Speedtails and Arturas-has announced it's going to race in Extreme E next year.Currently in the midst of its first-ever season, the off-
The inaugural race brought more questions than answers
Like many, I spent most of my Easter weekend topping up my stomach with a never-ending emulsion of beer and Creme Egg goo. But I also took time to literally watch new ground being broken. That weekend saw the inaugural Extreme
“The ambition is to leave the different venues in a better place than they were before”
There is zero doubt that a) opening your new race in Saudi Arabia, and b) vigorously promoting sustainability in a motorsport series that travels the world on a diesel-powered ship is making a rod for your own back.I will not
The St. Helena has officially set sail for the first location in Saudi Arabia
Extreme E's 'floating paddock,' the St. Helena, has set sail for Saudi Arabia. Yep, the all-electric off-road cousin of Formula E is actually happening, people. Get ready.There have been delays to the worldwide race calendar (for obvious reasons),
He has set up his own ‘JBXE’ race team
Woah, Extreme E is really starting to bag some momentum and big names. It's just been announced that another Formula 1 champion has jumped on the EV rally-raid bandwagon, following in the footsteps of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.Yep,
Greatest of all collabs?
The most successful driver in World Rally Championship history, with nine consecutive championships to his name, will drive for Lewis Hamilton's Extreme E team next season. France's Sebastien Loeb will partner 29-year-old Spanish racing driver Cristina Gutierrez for
Who will win this time?
Remember just last month when we brought you news of Lewis Hamilton's new Extreme E team, 'X44'? Well, hold on to your fireproof balaclavas, because Nico Rosberg has set up his own team too.Yep, Rosberg Xtreme Racing (RXR) will also
Expect this to be a competitive team
Lewis Hamilton has announced the creation of a new team to compete in the inaugural season of Extreme E. That team is called 'X44.'Now, Hamilton you might be familiar with (six F1 world championships, really quite handy behind the wheel of
This should be interesting
Extreme E, motorsports' premier source of 'why not?' attitude, has announced that it will be running mixed-sex teams when it launches, and we can't help but cheer. There'll be no quarter asked or given, simply a male and female
It’s like Formula E, but wilder and off-road
Extreme E, the wild off-road cousin of Formula E, is all set to begin in just over one year's time, with the first race weekend of the inaugural season being held in Senegal on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of
Extreme E is the Dakar-style counterpart of Formula E
Welcome to Extreme E, a new, all-electric race championship that takes the spirit of Formula E, but applies it to Dakar-style rally raids.Perhaps inevitably, it's got the people behind Formula E to thank for its creation, with founder
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