It's about something more than just driving
There are lots of people out there who have fond memories of their dads teaching them to drive. Of bonding as father and son as they learned how to shift and steer. All the while laughing and smiling, like something straight out
Sit back and relax today, dad. Let the women in your life take charge and drive for you today. Trust that the girls can drive you to where you need to go. The passenger's seat is yours, or you can also
A father, a son, and a Volkswagen Sakbayan
My late father was a man I quite looked up to. I told myself that if I end up even just a quarter of the man he was, I'd be set for life. Though we had our differences at one point
A reader wants to fix his dad's old car
Online associate editor Dinzo Tabamo forwarded this letter to me, and asked for my thoughts on the matter:Hi, Top Gear! I would like to ask your advice on what I can do with my dad's old car. It's a
There's something for your dad in here
It's Father's Day on Sunday, June 19. It's that time of the year when we try to honor the one man who has made the biggest impact on our lives. The one man who--for most of us gearheads--
Did everything to make his son happy
This past weekend was particularly special to us for two reasons: First was Father's Day, and second was Monster Jam. Say what you will about the "smallness" of the venue (Mall of Asia Arena), the fact is that families had a
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