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And the Shelby Mustang GT500, of course
So, we (or, to be more precise, Ford Philippines) sent our technical editor, Ferman Lao, to Michigan to cover the 2014 North American International Auto Show. At the reception dinner hosted by Ford Motor Company, Ferman was delighted to discover that part
Also known as "Kung fu 101"
The November cover of Top Gear Philippines sent lots of positive vibes our way so we thought we'd share some of the most memorable moments during the shoot.The video reveals Botchi Santos's kung fu skills. Watch and learn. Also
Tech guru hopes to help consumers make smarter car-buying decisions<br />
A more open communication line between car executives and the motoring media may be expected from the leadership of Ferman Lao, the new president of the Car Awards Group, Inc. This would allow the media to bring carmakers' messages to the
So you can get fresh rubbers!<br />
A new bill filed at the House of Representatives seeks the prohibition of selling tires which are more than six years old in the local automotive market.Rep. Narciso Santiago III of the ARC party-list recently filed House Bill 7034 or
Strange liquids and strong vibrations can\'t be a good thing if it\'s a car we\'re talking about
Hi Ferman,Good day!This is the second time I have to inquire about a motoring problem. Thanks for answering my first query. I recently bought a secondhand 1991 Lancer GTi (4g15) from a fellow club member. I noticed these strange observations:
Top Gear\'s technical editor demystifies the myth behind crumple zones
To Mr. Ferman Lao,I would just like to ask if the thickness of the sheet metal of cars are similar? Are sheet metal of cars like the Toyota Vios and Honda City similar to the Toyota Altis and Honda Civic ? I
Easy does it
Dear Top Gear, My heart goes out to all the victims of typhoon Ondoy and I hope my question, though it may seem shallow, still deserves an answer despite this moment of sadness. I just want to ask if those vehicles submerged
What to do if nothing happens when you shift
Hi Top Gear, I have an Isuzu Crosswind with an automatic transmission. Recently when I shift my transmission lever out of park it feels like nothing\'s happening and I have to put in back in P then R again several times
What\'s wrong with a hot car
Dear Ferman, When I turn the aircon switch on, the indicator works fine pero hindi siya lumalamig at all (it\'s like I\'m only running on fan mode), kahit sagad na to \"cold\" \'yung temp switch. I had it checked, sabi
No, we\'re not talking about bombs here
Dear Ferman, Do we need to advance initial timing if we have headers and mufflers? How will you know if there is a detonation (problem in the engine)? Is it like a backfire noise? Thanks! Evo Lance Hi, Evo Lance. The answer
Is your car full of hot air?
There\'s an e-mail circulating a warning about turning on the aircon immediately after getting in the car. It says a car parked under the heat end up emitting more Benzene, a cancer-causing toxin coming from overheated plastic parts of
Our tech guru has the answer
What indicators should I look for to know when it's time to change my tires? And what should I consider when buying a replacement set? Thanks! The best way is to conduct a physical inspection of the tires. What you don'
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