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Who says plug-in hybrids can't drive this awesome?
You'll find it nearly impossible to disagree with this list
The 250 model line was the foundation on which the mighty Ferrari edifice was built, and by the late Fifties the company's potent mix of glamour and performance had won it a global fan base. The California Spyder was dreamt up
A triumph of engineering
A huge accomplishment. A successor to the legendary Dino. A genius bit of technical development. A warning shot across McLaren's bows. Proof downsizing can improve the breed. Evidence that Ferrari has fully got its head around hybrid and electricity. Any and
The engine supposedly sounds similar to a V12
Ferrari is damn serious about building electric supercars. First, it was the SF90 Stradale. Now, we have this: the new Ferrari 296 GTB.You might think the 296 GTB isn't that big of deal because it's not the first hybrid
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