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If this car could talk...
Listen up, guys, because this is the most important thing we've ever told you: there's a custom Ferrari 458 for sale right now, from the private collection of none other than Justin Bieber. So, before we're overcome with fan
This project car is insane
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. It didn't take long for people to start fitting V8 engines to the Toyota 86, although the V8 in question is normally an
Maranello begins embracing the turbo
For many, the pure sound of a naturally aspirated V8 or V12 is what makes a Ferrari worthy of the Prancing Horse badge. But in the drive to make its cars faster, lighter and more environment-friendly, even tradition had to bend
Filipino boxing legend has good taste
So we got a call from our sister website this morning, offering us a bunch of pictures taken by its photographer at Manny Pacquiao's home in Los Angeles, California. The photos, as you can see here, are of the
In addition to his 458 Italia
The last we heard from Justin Bieber--because we don't really follow stories about him--was back in late 2013. At that time, there was a rumor he would appear in Furious 7. Thankfully, that didn't come to pass. But
How many units have been allotted for PH?
When Ferrari launched the 488 GTB last week, we initially thought it was the replacement of the 458 Italia. Well, a source from within Autostrada Motore, the exclusive distributor of Ferrari in the Philippines, has told that the 488
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