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Here’s what we’ve discovered after checking out this new Prancing Horse
It’s the first-ever four-door, four-seater Ferrari sports car
Ferrari said not so long ago it would never build an SUV. So what does that make this newcomer, the Purosangue? In Ferrari's words, it's not an SUV or a crossover-it's a sports car. The first four-door
No turbos for the Ferrari crossover
During a very sober, very measured explanation of the company's immediate future - carbon neutrality, cash flow, sales mixes and so forth - Ferrari reaffirmed its commitment to launch the Purosangue SUV in September 2022.Oh, and the very casual mention that it'
Ferrari says this one’s going to be “a genuine game changer”
It's been a great month for Ferrari. It all began with the launch of the stupendously good 296 GTB and was followed by the F1 team's 1-2 finish at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix. So time to build
No more delaying the inevitable
So, this is how it ends. The SUV has long since conquered the world, but until now there was one little corner of the globe fighting against the odds, delaying the inevitable: Ferrari. That ends in 2022.We're being churlish of
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