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Cum laude in physics, an expert in motion-activated user interfaces, imaging and power solutions, president of Analog Micro-electromechanical Systems and Sensors Group-no this isn't the CV of some newly hired Silicon Valley chief technology officer. This extensive background
The super-SUV concept actually looks pretty sick
Ferrari has yet to take a piece of the ludicrous super-SUV pie. While there have been talks going around about the Purosangue, the Italian carmaker's supposed upcoming SUV, we have yet to see anything official come out from Maranello.If
“It’s a wild, unsanitized, utterly unhinged device”
You may have heard of Ferrari's line of 'Icona' cars-limited editions inspired by the Italian brand's illustrious back catalogue. The Monza-a roofless, windowless rollerskate based on the 812 Superfast-is the first of these. Only 499 will be
In case the ‘standard’ 986hp isn’t enough
The SF90 is Ferrari's fastest, most powerful road car ever, with its plug-in hybrid powertrain producing 1,000PS (or 986hp for us traditionalists).Not really the sort of supercar/hypercar crossover that's crying out for a bit more grunt
The guy bought a Lamborghini Aventador S and a Ferrari 458 Italia, among others
A man reportedly going on a shopping spree using Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans meant to help struggling businesses amid the pandemic? That sounds familiar, doesn't it?You may be recalling that report from July 2020 where a man from Florida
A total of only 1,598 units of both versions will be built
Ferrari will build just 999 examples of the wild new 812 Competizione, and even fewer of its sister car, the Competizione Aperta-just 599 of those will be built. And, to literally nobody's surprise, both models have sold out. So, welcome
Meet the 812 Competizione and its open-top sibling, the Competizione A
In dramatizing the regal, Shakespeare hath no equal. And yet, despite giving new language to love and loss and delivering some of literature's greatest ever one-liners, we suspect even the big man would have struggled to describe the noise this
The name means ‘shark’ in Italian
Get ready to learn your new word of the day: 'Squalo.' It means 'shark' in Italian. And it's the name that'll be worn by GTO Engineering's new sports car as inspired by the most illustrious Italian exotica of the '
The ultimate gaming accessory for Ferrari nuts
Remember the 1:1 Ferrari SF1000 replica steering wheel with a P240,000 price tag? Yeah, that was neat, but it was really more of a piece you would display in a man cave rather than play around with-unless making engine
It’s a limited edition of the 812 Superfast
We don't yet know what this new iteration of Ferrari 812 Superfast will be called, so let's temporarily christen it the Ferrari 812 ReallyVerySuperfast. Principally because underneath that new hood sits the most powerful road-going Ferrari engine ever built.
An opportunity to bring the uniqueness and passion of Ferrari to new generations
Busy times at Ferrari. In its AGM shareholder meeting this week, CEO John Elkann confirmed three new models will be revealed over the next few months-and in 2025, the small matter of revealing the first fully-electric Ferrari supercar.Yes, folks,
Eagle, Alfaholics, Singer, GTO, Bond’s DB5—they all contain lessons modern supercars can learn from
I have a recurring dream in which the chief engineer of the latest pointless 800hp supercar is standing there, telling me how great his new creation is. "Zero to 240kph in seven seconds, 370k top speed, Inconel headrests, blah blah." My face
Carlos Sainz Jr. joins Charles Leclerc on the Italian team
Things can only get better for Ferrari in Formula 1-2020 was its worst season in the series for more than 40 years. It finished a lowly sixth in the constructors' championship and didn't win a single race. So, there's
It’s already planning its Hypercar entry to the WEC
Ferrari has finally confirmed it intends to race in the new 'Hypercar' class of endurance racing. Fairly seismic news, you'll agree, because it means for the first time since 1973, Ferrari will be competing for outright victory in the World Endurance
Why not play some vintage Adele before reading on?
Unless you've been living under a rock with no Wi-Fi for the last few months, you'll be well aware that Sebastian Vettel will race for the new/rebranded Aston Martin Formula 1 team from the 2021 season onwards. Perhaps
The last one proves that power isn’t everything, though
What could have more promise, more raw curb appeal, than a mid-engined, pointy-nosed Ferrari with a V8 engine burbling away behind the seats? Well, one with more than 153hp, for a kick-off.Yep, in 1980, Ferrari decided to pull
One-off model celebrates the 250 GT SWB Breadvan from the ’60s
This is a 'new' Ferrari. By which we mean, it's an old Ferrari, recast and reformed to commemorate a really old Ferrari. Welcome to one of the most spectacular shooting brakes you'll likely ever see.Dubbed the Breadvan Hommage, it'
And some tasteful exterior enhancements
Novitec is a rarity among German tuning companies. Many won't even contemplate turning up a supercar's turbos and fitting a shouty exhaust without also equipping it with an over-the-top carbon-fiber bodykit. Novitec will do that if you
Well, not officially—it’s the work of a Dutch dealer. And it’s for sale
Perhaps a quick bit of background. In the early 2000s, Prodrive was having an impressive run of results with its now-iconic Ferrari 550 GTS, without any factory support from Ferrari itself.So, when the updated 575M Maranello arrived in 2002, Ferrari
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