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The end of an era
That was quick. Do you recall that Lancer Evolution Final Edition we ran a story on a few days back? You know, unit 1,600 of 1,600 in the US? The one going under the hammer online for charity? Well, it'
Say goodbye to the Snake
When you think of cars that put America on the map, the Dodge Viper is one of the few special ones that come to mind. It was back in 1991 when the world got its first glimpse of its long and muscular
See all the glorious details
It seems the US market is having a field day with the Mitsubishi Lancer: Not only has a face-lifted model been announced, a total of 1,600 units of the Lancer Evolution Final Edition will also be made available to American
Any takers out there?
The original air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle was in production for well over half a century. The Ferdinand Porsche-designed Love Bug has roots that date back to the darker days of Nazi Germany. After World War II, British Army officer Ivan Hirst
Easily a must-have collector's item
You can say it's the end of an era. Twenty-three years after the very first production model rolled out of Mitsubishi's Mizushima plant in Okayama, Japan, the production of the Lancer Evolution is finally coming to an end.From
Have you heard of the Orochi?
Small-scale Japanese carmaker Mitsuoka has reportedly announced that it will soon cease to produce its Orochi sports car. To mark the occasion, Mitsuoka will supposedly produce a Final Edition of what was once the sole sports car in its lineup.Named
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