Everyone should be familiar with this
Ah, the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP). Better known as the number coding scheme, this measure was put in place to help reduce the strain on Metro Manila's traffic system by limiting the number of cars on the road.Whether
The MMDA has launched its new contactless payment system
We bring good news for erring motorists in the metro: You can now settle fines and penalties for your traffic violations via contactless payments.The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has now partnered with the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) and
A surprisingly easy process
It's not like you want to find out for yourself, but depending on the nature of the traffic violation, there are a few ways that fines are doled out. In my case, my driver's license was confiscated, so I had
What are the consequences?
If you are late in paying for the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) fine, you cannot renew your driver's license or your motor vehicle registration depending on the manner of apprehension. If an enforcement officer apprehended you and you fail to
There's an idea
Driving into Central London has just got more expensive. An 'Ultra Low Emissions Zone' (ULEZ) has come into force, meaning drivers of affected cars will need to pay an extra £12.50 (P850) to drive into the nation's capital. That's
It’s been an expensive year so far
The law applies to all, otherwise to none at all.It's a sentiment that we truly believe in, especially when it comes to traffic laws. We believe no one should be immune to enforcement and due punishment-including us. We really
What a bummer
Traffic citations are a bummer, whether you feel they're unjustly given or otherwise. Not only do you have to pay a fine, you also have to take precious time out of your daily schedule to line up and hand over the
Mini is owned by BMW, remember?
The Americans may not know how to host beauty pageants--well, at least one doesn't--but they sure know how to crack the whip on the automotive industry. According to a Reuters story, US safety regulators fined BMW $10 million (P472.
To decongest its offices nationwide
The Land Transportation Office is reportedly set to launch on February 1 its cashless transaction system for renewing licenses, registrations, and the settling of fines to decongest its offices around the country.According to Interaksyon.com, the LTO is the first government
Know how much they've gone up
A few days ago, we reported that the Department of Transportation and Communications, together with the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board and the Land Transportation Office, will release the revised schedule of fines and penalties "for the violation of laws, rules
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