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You've got it. What you need to know is this: it fits without having to hack away bits of the chassis, and it weighs no more than the four cylinder engine it replaces. All aluminum, see, where the four-cylinder has
It could overload your senses
Yes, and it was ferocious. If you're new to the 765LT, maybe start there to learn all about the mods made to turn the regular 720S in the 765LT. Here, we'll concentrate on what it's like to drive on
SUVs slowly march into the future
Excitement might be strong, but Jeep's first plug-in hybrid will certainly stir up some mild interest in certain circles-perhaps you're a company car driver who likes a spot of green laning at the weekends?Every Jeep in the
Our most pragmatic test this year
Yup, that's pretty difficult to miss, isn't it? And no, it's not got some madcap AMG engine under its hood to justify being here, either-quite the opposite, as it's an electric vehicle. Welcome to what's likely
Watch out, Honda Civic Type R
Correct. It still does. It develops 302hp, shares it between all four wheels, and costs £37,740 (P2.36 million). It's a rival to the Audi S3, the Mercedes-AMG A35, and the next VW Golf R, which all make north
Meet the Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation
Yes, but this one has some rather special features. Now listen carefully, and so on.Well, that depends. After the six months we've all just had we're looking forward to No Time to Die, the 25th Bond film and a
The design aged quite well
Good question, leading to an analogy: If you're a music fan, you're probably aware of the work Giles Martin has done in the past few years on The Beatles' back catalog. You might have thought that the White Album or
What a day
Hard to believe I know, but yes...lucky me. On a smoking hot Sicilian afternoon, I was handed the keys to a €5-million Bugatti Divo and told to go drive on part of the actual route of the Targa Florio road
Truly one of our favorite 911s
You need to get up to speed. The previous 991-generation 911 Targa rescued the model from its previously iffy aesthetic by reintroducing the integrated roll hoop in the place of a traditional B-pillar, just as the world lost its mind
Look at that torque figure
Hmmmm. I suspect I'm actually in one of the least sorted versions of the facelifted E-Class. This one is spec'd with air suspension and the ride is a little stilted, as if the wheels are too heavy.Never mind.
This or the Land Rover Defender Hard Top?
About the coolest thing I've driven recently. It's a Toyota Land Cruiser van, and I'm a bit smitten.Just look at it! Steel wheels, cloth seats, and nary a sop to glitz, glamour, or gadgetry. It's transport at
We find out if it’s as sensible as it makes itself out to be
It's the Toyota Corolla Trek, effectively a shrunken Audi Allroad-rival with hybrid power. Toyota may be the most SUV-obsessed carmaker out there, with 14 different models sold across the globe (at last count), but thankfully, it's still seen
The numbers don't tell the whole story
Seeing as the Suzuki Swift Sport has only been on sale since 2018 you'd have to say it's a bit early for a full-on facelift-the update for the 2020 model year is more like the Swift has started
With great power comes class
Of course you do. It's a very fast wagon. But there is a reason you'd want the Alpina B5 BiTurbo Touring instead of other very fast wagons, like the Audi RS6 Avant and the Mercedes-AMG E63.That's a
With a little help from an electric motor
It's the new Mercedes-AMG GLE53. It sits below the full-fury V8-powered GLE63, and replaces the old GLE43. Understand?In short, it's not a blood-and-thunder AMG-rather, it's one of the performance line's friendlier
Does Honda’s EV live up to the hype?
You're not the only one-so was I. I'm using the past tense deliberately. But when it was first shown, I had some issues. It didn't look as cool and radical as the concept. I thought a base price
Only five will be made
Got it in one. Is there a more speed-suggestive letter in the alphabet? Answers on a postcard. Anyway, yes, faster. But it's how and where that speed comes from that's...unexpected. Ariel already offers a supercharger kit for the
“It’s actually more of a tool and less of a fashion accessory”
Understandable. The small end of the Mercedes-Benz range is pretty congested. The new GLB, as keen students of the alphabet will have worked out, nestles between the GLA (basically a slightly taller A-Class) and the GLC (basically a jacked-up
The V8 is back
Handling. Porsche will sell you a 'GTS' in loads of flavors: the Boxster and the Cayman, now with a proper engine again, the 911 of course, the Macan, and the Panamera. GTS variants are usually the Porsche engineering teams' baby. Not as
Porsche engineers know their stuff
Yes, although unlike with the Porsche Taycan, this time there are actual turbos under the hood. A pair of them. And they're bolted to a 4.0-liter V8. That's the Turbo S side of this car's clunky name.
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