Offers enough excitement for most people
As I'm sure you know, this isn't the new M2. It's the next best thing: the M240i. The hottest 2-Series Coupe currently on sale, it's got a colossal 369hp and 500Nm. Thanks to four-wheel drive it'
A fitting swan song for the brand’s last gasoline engine
Ah, you've spotted them. Yes, this white VP2 007 (is somebody trying to subconsciously fill us with warm, fuzzy Bond's Esprit vibes?) test car is a validation prototype; we'll drive the final production car next month, making this sort
That would be the R8 V10 Performance RWD. Took them long enough
Nope, this is not a hardcore track-attack limited edition, like the Audi R8's extrovert Lamborghini Huracan STO cousin. That car, it appears, is waiting in the wings...This is pretty much the rear-wheel-drive R8 as you know it,
“There’s enough room for anything from family hauling to full-on #vanlife”
Indeed it is, and it's worth taking a moment to appreciate its design. So often, people imagine that practicality and aesthetics sit at opposite ends of a spectrum. They really don't, as much as phrases like 'style over substance' and '
But is it the best in the Taycan range?
In terms of positioning, absolutely nothing. The £104,190 (P6.99 million) Taycan GTS slots into the range above the 4S and below the Turbo. But there's more. This is the stiffest and sportiest Taycan of all. Not as fast in
“The 86 wants you to up your game. You’ll willingly oblige”
Waku-doki, we think you mean. Not a new In the Night Garden character about to muscle in on the Tombliboos' turf, rather the Japanese philosophy of 'heart-pumping excitement.' We're promised the Toyota 86 is chock-a-block with it.
We finally get the chance to drive the, uh, xDrive variant
Straight to the point as ever. However, I can answer the 4WD-versus-RWD conundrum quickly. With another question. How much do you value peace of mind? A sense of security? Because that's the only real reason to choose the 4WD
An ideal Goldilocks model
That is the commonly held view. But the gaps between 911s are narrow: 911 GT3s are harder, 911 Turbos are faster, but from the basic 911 Carrera upwards, they're all just brilliant sports cars.The GTS first turned up a decade
Truly built for off-roading
Better. It's the best version of the best off-roader there is.Okay, it all depends on how you approach these things. But every time I get in a G-Wagen (I still can't get the hang of calling it
Real-world all-electric range is around 32km
Correct. On the outside at least, the new Defender P400e looks almost identical to its combustion-engined siblings. The only giveaway to its electrified nature is the newly sprouted charging flap on the left rear flank.In all other ways, this is
You must get the manual
Let me interrupt you there. Have the manual. There are plenty of other choices to make when buying a GT3 Touring, but that's the only one that really matters. It puts you more in touch with this engine, makes you think
“It just takes abuse”
After a year or so's hiatus in the UK, the Jimny is back, with a twist: It's now available exclusively as an LCV. That's a light commercial vehicle, which is 'van' in plain English, and in Suzuki speak, it'
If it’s good enough for F1, it’s good enough for us
Ah, you mean was Aston Martin working on a hard-core Vantage, anyway, before it got the gig to produce a Formula 1 safety car, or did that first fall into its lap and inspire a road version? The car came first.
Something for the zoomers
This bright and cheerful thing is the new Volkswagen T-Cross, fresh off its recent launch. This is the German brand's subcompact-crossover offering. It seems that the folks at AC Motors have a thing for colorful SUVs-one of its
It won’t be supplanted by the Defender 90 just yet
That's the question, isn't it? The Evoque is the smallest, most affordable route into Range Rover ownership, but it would never have sold in anything like the galactically enormous numbers it's shifted in unless it was a proper looker.
Other than to indulge you skid freaks out there
There hasn't. Okay, so old rear-drive Mulsannes could be tempted to do something silly, but it was highly undignified. This new Continental GT Speed is a born drifter.Of course not, but the key here is that the changes made
Land Rover’s utilitarian offering is just as refined as the regular Defender
It's Land Rover-speak for a Defender with a load of nothingness where the rear seats ought to be.Available in both short-wheelbase 90 and long-wheelbase 110 body styles, the Hard Top is the new Defender at its most
It’s called the Heritage Design Edition
A retro tribute. Or in Porsche-speak, a 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition. We can divide that into two distinct elements if you split the name between '4S' and 'Heritage,' which is worth doing as those three little words at the
We get to drive it to Ilocos Norte before its official PH launch
So, midsize-pickup buyers, are you experiencing choice paralysis yet? Updated and new Ford Ranger variants, a complete redo of the Isuzu D-Max, and now, a facelifted Nissan Navara-there's a lot of new metal to choose from. And that'
The second ‘GR’ model in the country
Yes, another. But as with all things Vios-related, the average consumer will take interest and, chances are, many will drive one home from the dealership.This is the Toyota Vios GR-S-only the 'second' Gazoo Racing car to be arrive
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