It's our first-ever Budget Issue
It's the season of school graduation. Those entering college and those leaving it both need to be mobile these days to stay competitive. To these young people, we dedicate our first-ever Budget Issue. This issue features affordable and value-packed
It's all about cars we love
We know you've been impatiently waiting for this issue as our last one (December 2012/January 2013) was released two months ago. Well, here it is. And because it's the month of love--pardon the cheesiness--our theme for this
It's the Speed Issue once again
Here are our two covers for the December 2012/January 2013 issue, which also happens to be The Speed Issue. What's with all these double covers? Well, our double covers of late are merely indicative of the fact that more and
Double cover special!
Yep, you read that right: "covers." For November, we bring you our Double Cover Special, featuring the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Chevrolet Sonic. Choose which cover you like more. Better yet, get the two covers for your treasured collection. The highlights
It's our annual Luxury Issue!
At least once a year, we get to be snooty people. Because once a year, we produce this, our annual Luxury Issue, which obviously features the most expensive and most opulent automobiles money can buy. Here is the special story lineup for
Our 8th anniversary issue!
Fun does have a way of making time zip faster than Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull Racing car. It feels like we're just starting in this business, and already this is our 8th anniversary issue. If the Chinese believe that eight
Our 6th annual Green Issue!
Of all the themes we do on an almost monthly basis--Rock 'N' Roll, Sexy, Style, Macho, Luxury, Speed, Travel, Geek, among others--only one theme has managed to make it to our editorial calendar every single year since 2007. That theme
New metal galore!
Here is our June 2012 cover, with the recently launched Mazda CX-5 on the cover. Our very own Botchi Santos drives it and sets out to determine whether this car has what it takes to bring Mazda back to prominence in
Two covers for our special Japan Issue!
Here are the two covers of our Japan Issue (May 2012), featuring the fourth-generation Honda CR-V and the all-new Suzuki Kizashi. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom to see the highlights of the issue. Humbled by the
Our first-ever Geek Issue
Here's the cover of our first-ever Geek Issue (April 2012). Consider this our tribute to the graduates of 2012, as well as to those brainiacs who count themselves as car enthusiasts. On the cover is the all-new Subaru XV.
We go around the world for the Travel Issue
For March 2012, Top Gear Philippines is releasing another Travel Issue. This issue takes your favorite car magazine to:* Spain, where we drove the all-new BMW 3-Series;* India, where we saw the Ford EcoSport in the metal; and* The United
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