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Is it legal?
Why not?In our jurisdiction, the only requirement that the law mandates for an object to be the subject of a contract is that the thing must be lawful or licit. There's no law that says a car that's been
Stay dry!
What are you doing turning your car into a bangka? Unless you've acquired an amphibious vehicle, you should never take your ride for a dip through floods. It may cost you a lot of money to repair if problems do arise
Straight from the MMDA
A couple of weeks ago, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration finally declared the onset of the rainy season--a godsend for the millions of Filipinos sick of dealing with the sweltering heat.We hate to be buzzkills, but enjoy
Quick tips to detect if something's fishy
It's not always easy buying a used car. Aside from scam artists, "hot" cars, lemons and rebuilt wrecks, Philippine buyers also have to contend with flooded vehicles being sold at regular prices.Now, if you do want to take the risk
Another tale of submerged cars
It began raining Thursday night. It never stopped, pouring steadily until Friday. By the time tropical storm Mario had relented in Metro Manila, floodwaters were waist-deep and cars were submerged. Some say the floods this weekend were worse in some areas
In Luzon and Metro Manila until September 30
Chevrolet Philippines is offering flood-damaged vehicles discounts on parts and labor as part of its Chevrolet Assistance on Natural Calamities and Emergencies (CHANCE) program.An extension of Chevrolet\'s after-sales service, the CHANCE program gives customers the opportunity to \"revive
Until October 31
Taking its cue from Mitsubishi and Toyota, Ford Philippines is also assisting its customers whose vehicles were damaged by typhoon Maring\'s floodwaters.From August 20 to October 31, Ford is offering a 20% discount on replacement parts for vehicles that are
Also 40% off on ECU
It\'s not only Toyota Motor Philippines that\'s offering significant discounts on car parts to its flood-affected customers. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation is also doing the same.\"MMPC has launched its Repair Assistance Program in order to extend assistance to
As well as 20% off on labor and select parts
Typhoon Maring left many car owners in Metro Manila helplessly watching in despair as their vehicles were swallowed by rising floodwaters. Thankfully for Toyota car owners who were among the calamity victims this past week, the Japanese automaker is helping ease their
It's social media to the rescue!
With the torrential downpour a common occurrence these days, we're sharing some tips provided by our friends in the motoring industry on various rain- and flood-related measures that you can do to protect yourself and your car.* According to Concept
Apparently locally available now
Due to the nonstop rains, we are now seeing floodwaters in Metro Manila and nearby provinces that remind us of Typhoon Ondoy. As in the catastrophic deluge three years ago, we are now also witnessing cars floating or being submerged in water.
Giving hope to typhoon Sendong's victims
The owners of vehicles that were damaged by typhoon Sendong in December 2011 have some allies in the House of Representatives as Mindanao-based solons are asking the Insurance Commission (IC) to order the country's insurance companies to process their claims
To assure customers that none will go on sale
Honda has begun the process of scrapping over 1,000 newly-assembled cars that were submerged in its Autthaya assembly plant in Thailand after the region was hit by heavy flooding last October."While we were able to relocate many new cars
Poor, poor cars, lah!
For many Filipinos, Orchard Road in Singapore is primarily known as a tourist attraction. For Singaporeans, the area may as well be high-rise central with upscale condominiums--the kind where tenants own several luxury cars and a smattering of supercars.One
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