Articles about Floodrelated Repair

Until October 31
Taking its cue from Mitsubishi and Toyota, Ford Philippines is also assisting its customers whose vehicles were damaged by typhoon Maring\'s floodwaters.From August 20 to October 31, Ford is offering a 20% discount on replacement parts for vehicles that are
It's social media to the rescue!
With the torrential downpour a common occurrence these days, we're sharing some tips provided by our friends in the motoring industry on various rain- and flood-related measures that you can do to protect yourself and your car.* According to Concept
Giving hope to typhoon Sendong's victims
The owners of vehicles that were damaged by typhoon Sendong in December 2011 have some allies in the House of Representatives as Mindanao-based solons are asking the Insurance Commission (IC) to order the country's insurance companies to process their claims
Poor, poor cars, lah!
For many Filipinos, Orchard Road in Singapore is primarily known as a tourist attraction. For Singaporeans, the area may as well be high-rise central with upscale condominiums--the kind where tenants own several luxury cars and a smattering of supercars.One
A lesson learned from Ondoy?
Tornados weren't the only force of nature that recently ravaged through the eastern part of the United States as floods have also inundated parts of Kentucky. One Porsche owner may have learned from what happened to our cars during the wrath
Care package includes discount of up to 50 percent on parts<br />
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