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Also 40% off on ECU
It\'s not only Toyota Motor Philippines that\'s offering significant discounts on car parts to its flood-affected customers. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation is also doing the same.\"MMPC has launched its Repair Assistance Program in order to extend assistance to
As well as 20% off on labor and select parts
Typhoon Maring left many car owners in Metro Manila helplessly watching in despair as their vehicles were swallowed by rising floodwaters. Thankfully for Toyota car owners who were among the calamity victims this past week, the Japanese automaker is helping ease their
Giving hope to typhoon Sendong's victims
The owners of vehicles that were damaged by typhoon Sendong in December 2011 have some allies in the House of Representatives as Mindanao-based solons are asking the Insurance Commission (IC) to order the country's insurance companies to process their claims
Here's a bit of good news for non-Toyota owners<br />
Non-Toyota owners whose vehicles were damaged by the recent typhoons may now purchase a brand-new vehicle with a discount under the Toyota Motor Philippines' typhoon-assistance program.Potential buyers may choose between Toyota Philippines' pay cash and pay
The 'Good Samaritan' spirit lives on<br />
Ford Group Philippines is offering discounts of up to P50,000 for Ford and Mazda vehicle owners replacing their flood-damaged vehicles on top of the existing promos offered by the brands."We would like to offer our customers additional assistance in
Cainta facility spared by flood<br />
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) assured customers operations are normal at its Cainta plant despite heavy flooding in the area when typhoon Ondoy hit the metropolis last week."We are fortunate that MMPC's facilities were not affected by the deep floods.
Easy does it
Dear Top Gear, My heart goes out to all the victims of typhoon Ondoy and I hope my question, though it may seem shallow, still deserves an answer despite this moment of sadness. I just want to ask if those vehicles submerged
Toyota takes 40 percent off the ECU, and 20 percent off labor and select parts<br />
Toyota Motor Philippines is offering special discounts to clients who need their cars repaired after the devastating flood last week.Toyota is slashing 40 percent off the engine control unit, as well as 20 percent off selected car parts which were damaged
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