Think this will be a thing?
They may not be zipping about overhead like in The Jetsons, but so far, Volocopter's air taxis might be the closest we've gotten to having actual flying cars. Now, Chinese auto giant Geely is helping the company introduce the service
Time to buzz the tower
We're one step closer, people. The future promised by noted authorities on the matter-luminaries such as The Jetsons and Back to the Future II-is drawing closer. This is your first look at a vertical-take-off-and-landing (VTOL)
As well as a new flagship EV called the Celestiq
Flying cars really might become a reality sooner than we think. Car manufacturers are starting to venture into what could be revolutionary automotive technology of the future, and the future looks real exciting.The latest carmaker to announce its foray into flying
This thing looks promising
It's starting to look like flying cars will take over roads (and airways) sooner than we think. Slovakian company Klein Vision's flying car just took maiden flight, and it looks promising.Because unlike the PAL-V Liberty that just became
So, when is it hitting the skies?
Has the Jetsonesque future you've been dreaming of finally arrived? Hardly. But hey, we think this is a pretty good start.The PAL-V Liberty, which claims to be the world's first flying car, just hit a major milestone: The
SkyDrive has successfully conducted testing of its new aircraft
We've said it a thousand times before already but we just have to say it again: We really are living in the future.This time around, though, it's a real, working flying car (pictured above) that's wowing us, not
*crosses fingers*
If we had tails, they'd be wagging. A company called Alauda has announced it is one step closer to developing a revolutionary new motorsport series that is taking up far too much of our current thought process than necessary.Electric. Flying.
It comes in red, naturally
We know some things about Ferrari's future without the need for Mystic Meg. We'll see more hybrids, starting with the SF90 Stradale this year. There will be an SUV-the Purosangue-sometime in 2022. And, just maybe, some of the
“Air transportation has been a long-term goal”
Is Toyota getting into the business of getting the Corolla and Camry to take flight? Not exactly, but perhaps this new development could lead to something like it down the line.Toyota has just announced a $394-million investment in California-based
The future 911 Turbo could have a very different kind of launch control
Porsche has teamed up with aircraft manufacturer Boeing to "explore the premium urban air mobility market and the extension of urban traffic into airspace." In plain English: It's doing a flying car. Yep, if all goes well, the next (next) 911
The Airspeeder World Championship will kick off in 2020
According to its organizers, the upcoming Airspeeder World Championship will combine "the format of Formula E, the thrills of air racing, and the glamour of F1."A pretty bold statement, we think you'll agree. But then, there isn't much about
Meet the overachieving Flying Taxi Concept
What happens when carmaker Audi, planemaker Airbus, and car styling house Italdesign unite to create the most futuristic techno-mobility vehicle possible?In a word, this. The Audi Flying Taxi Concept, set to be presented at Amsterdam's Drone Week exhibition. An
Toyota and Uber have been tapped for this government-led initiative
Automotive and transport companies have long been wanting to take to the skies with flying cars, which are being tipped as a solution to urban traffic congestion.Uber, for instance, has invested $23 million (P1.23 billion) to develop and launch air-
No more sitting in gridlock
Ever been stuck in such bad traffic you've just wanted to ditch the car, Falling Down-style, and get to your destination by any other means? Audi hears your troubles. This is the Pop.Up.Next and--if you can live
It's all about atmosphere
The future is a miserable, barren and depleted place. If you ask us what the underlying theme of Blade Runner 2049 is, besides all the bioengineered androids and whatnot, it's that 32 years from now the world has gone to utter
The future is here
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Jetpacks, drones, smart watches, automated households, and so on, and so on. Over the past few years and with the advancement of technology, more
At least, that's the plan
Yes, it's the dream we all saw in Back to the Future, The Fifth Element and Blade Runner. No, not a hoverboard, Milla Jovovich or the white stallion from Deckard's nightmares-the flying car. And Airbus wants to make them
But it's still up in the air at this point
The automotive landscape is abuzz with news that Google has long been working on a self-driving car. But the California tech giant is hardly the only company dabbling in autonomous transport. A handful of automakers are already trying to outdo each
Meet the AeroMobil 3.0
For many car enthusiasts--at least among those who aren't suffering from acrophobia--the ultimate dream is to drive a flying car. Yes, a wheeled vehicle you can drive around your village and then fly above EDSA during rush hour. Of
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