A peaceful breakfast with a view? Need
Tagaytay is easily one of the most popular go-to places for anyone looking to unwind, especially for folks who live in the metro. The only problem people like me have with the place? It gets too crowded on weekends.In their
This hole in the wall cafe is quite the gem
A lot of us these days have completely shifted to work-from-home setups throughout this pandemic. I myself am lucky enough to not have to report to the office every day. And since I live south of the metro, it means
Road-tripping to Laguna? Try this one out
I always rave about the food culture in my hometown of Los Baños to my teammates at Top Gear Philippines, all of whom-save for one-live in Metro Manila. "Sarap talaga ng pagkain sa LB" is something I say regularly.
You get some scenery and mountain air out of it, too
It might seem like all we do as motoring journalists is drive cars and try to sound witty from our keyboards, but there's one other thing that we do quite well: eat. And when we're on the road for shoots
The journey into Chinatown was well worth it
For anyone who's in search of authentic Chinese food, there's no better place to look than in the heart of Binondo. As the Top Gear Philippines team recently took a quick trip to that part of town, we made sure
Be prepared to spend
Sometimes, you just need an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. And what better way to escape by immersing yourself in a luxurious dining experience? Enter Antonio's in Tagaytay.The opulent restaurant is nestled away in the heart
Pretty please?
We Filipinos have figured out creative ways to provide sustenance to motorists stuck in traffic. Hell, sometimes it's not even food-it seems like you can buy everything, from cigarettes to car-cleaning accessories, through your nearest takatak boy. But what
An alternative to your regular cafe
Welcome to our new Food Trip series, where we'll be visiting cool and interesting food places and sharing our thoughts about each one. Naturally, we'll be checking out establishments with convenient parking for our beloved cars.Our first trip takes
Savings on one end, satisfaction on the other
Over a month ago, I was with Ford Philippines for a wellness trip down South which turned out to be quite fun. Recently, I found myself with the same group heading North in a rally of sorts-five food destinations across four
Great for escaping the urban madness
There was a time when Tagaytay was known for being a convenient getaway when you want to, well, get away for a while. Unfortunately, it became too well-known, and more and more people went up during weekends.By the time SM'
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