The former was recently launched in Cambodia as an all-new Territory model
In late April, Ford Cambodia and its dealers started posting teasers for an all-new 2023 Ford Territory, a rebadged version of the Equator Sport. As a refresher, the Equator Sport is a compact five-seater version of the mid-size seven-
Is this a preview of what the rest of ASEAN will get?
When Ford first unveiled the new Equator Sport a few months back, we called it a "decent alternative to the Territory." Well, to some extent, that's what's going to happen in some markets.Over in Cambodia, Ford has provided a
What do you guys think?
We wouldn't mind if Ford brought in the Equator here as a more premium alternative to the Everest. We understand, though, if some of you don't agree. The Equator might seem a bit too lavish for some people.If you
As a more premium alternative to the Everest, perhaps?
Ford has rolled out some impressive vehicles from the People's Republic through its joint venture with Jiangling Motors Corporation (JMC) over the past few years. Now, the American carmaker is expanding its portfolio yet again with the launch of the new
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