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Check this out if you’ve been eyeing a new Ford recently
We'd like to think there is never a bad time to buy a new Ranger Raptor. But with Ford Philippines' new promo, now could easily be as good an opportunity as any.The American carmaker is extending its Ranger Raptor Premium
We sure would like to see this ply Philippine roads
The Ford Expedition is one of the more premium SUVs out there, with one of the most comfortable rides and spacious cabins in its segment-or any car segment on earth. It's a car fit for an executive, no doubt, but
The American carmaker will be showcasing over 50 modded vehicles under its belt
The SEMA show's ever-increasing popularity seemingly knows no bounds. Need an example? This year, Ford alone is bringing more than 50 customized vehicles from its product range. Fifty!Eight of those vehicles will be the SUVs featured in this here
Test drives and exclusive deals await during the event
The Ford Island Conquest kicked off a while back along with the launch of the refreshed Everest at the Megatent Events Venue in Quezon City. Now on its third year, Ford Philippines is bringing its experiential test drive event across the country.
Getting to know Ford's massive SUV
Let's face it: Most days there's no beating traffic anymore. All we can do is grin and bear it. And if we're going to bear it, we might as well do so in the most comfortable
Are you eyeing any of them?
So far, 2018 has been a hell of a year for the local auto scene. Car after car, launch after launch--it just seems like there's no end to the number of new arrivals. And it isn't just limited to
The Mustang has gone topless
No Ranger Raptor? No problem. The all-new Ford Expedition and new Mustang have been launched at the 2018 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS).First up, let's talk about the Expedition. Besides the SUV's eye-catching new design, it also
It's a big responsibility...literally
There are a lot of things to consider when buying a car--even more if you're thinking of purchasing a V6-powered behemoth like the Ford Expedition.Now we know what you're thinking. "People who have enough money for a
Think of it as a yacht on land
In the US, this is a vehicle that would look at home at the hands of rappers and millionaire athletes. Here, it'd be linked more often than not to the well-off with money and power to boot. It's the
And you need a king's budget for gas
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Right away, the Ford Expedition gives you the sense that it's from another world. Its proportions are a touch too big for our
With lighter aluminum body and more tech
The Ford Expedition was first introduced over two decades ago as a replacement for the shorter two-door Bronco. Over the years, Ford's largest SUV has stuck to the same formula while gaining some notable improvements along the way, like an
With this new camera technology
The backing-up camera used to be a novelty when it first came out a few years ago. Back then, it was only available on high-end cars and made parking a lot easier, not to mention make the driver look oh-
Sale to officially start in July
Well, we didn't see this one coming.At the 2015 Manila International Auto Show last week, Ford Philippines flaunted the all-new Mustang and the much-awaited Everest--exactly as we had been expecting. But at a prominent spot in the
All EcoBoost units
To help spice up the image of the 2015 Ford Expedition, the American carmaker is displaying three customized versions of the full-size SUV at the ongoing Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas. All three display vehicles are EcoBoost
More appealing, in other words
Before the fourth-generation Ford Expedition arrives in 2017, the American carmaker is giving the current model one final push, which features an exterior redesign and the addition of an EcoBoost engine found in F-Series pickups. That's right: Aside from
Limited to US-market models for now
Ford is taking mass-market automotive painting to the next level by creating the industry\'s first three-dimensional dirt-detection technology.According to Ford, the system uses high-resolution cameras and reflected light to \"digitally identify surface imperfections finer than a
With loads of reasons to be optimistic<br />
Ford Group Philippines is aiming to match the local automotive industry's growth this year but outgoing company president Rick Baker (in photo, left) said he will not be surprised if the company closed the year with higher-than-expected sales.
Raising the bar anew<br />
Ford Group Philippines kicks off its new year offerings with upgrades on the Expedition Eddie Bauer EL, the E-150 Club Wagon and the Explorer Eddie Bauer.The full-sized vehicle from Ford boasts of raising the bar in technological features for
<p>Mobile hot-spot? Why not?</p>
Can't live without the Internet? Then you'd better watch for Ford's next-generation SYNC system. Ford hopes to leapfrog its mobile infotainment-obsessed competitors by making SYNC in Ford vehicles WiFi-ready. The current system allows
Take two for Subaru<br />
Subaru's newly-released 2.5-liter Legacy GT sedan bagged the top prize as it was named the 2009 Car of The Year by the Car Awards Group Inc. This is the second consecutive year Subaru took home the trophy after
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