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A big and luxurious American powerhouse
The Ford Explorer is kind of an oddity in our market. It's a big seven-seater SUV, but it doesn't exactly compete with the likes of Asian stalwarts like the Toyota Fortuner or the Mitsubishi Montero Sport. Instead, the Explorer
Which is the better family hauler?
The Explorer Sport doesn't drive so much as swagger. Even before you see it, you can almost sense the big Ford roll up beside you at a stoplight. Such is its presence. And while it looked sleek enough when it launched,
It has a quieter ride and more tech
Last November, we were present at the launch of the refreshed Ford Explorer Sport. We loved it: the look, the features, and most especially that sweet EcoBoost V6 engine. The only downside was that anyone who wanted the lower-end variant would
See if you like it
We know we have just announced here a new Explorer Sport EcoBoost V6 from Ford Philippines, but now the American carmaker has unveiled a redesigned version of the fifth-generation Explorer. Presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the restyled SUV brings
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Hi, Botchi. I am an avid reader of your column. I'd like to thank you for sharing your knowledge in helping others decide which car is best suited to them.Now, I'd like to ask for your advice to help
The whole nine yards
When we reviewed the Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer EcoBoost, we came to the conclusion that stumping up the extra cash for the V6 variant was a good idea. But the former "Limited" V6 has been upgraded to "Limited+", while the "Eddie Bauer"
A sensation among premium SUV buyers
It has been a year since Ford Group Philippines first released the new Explorer, yet the waiting list at dealerships is still months long. While it may not be as ubiquitous as the cheaper diesel-powered competition, it's still a sensation
All-new SUV unveiled in Dearborn, Michigan
Ford Motor Co. has unveiled the redesigned Explorer sport-ute in Dearborn, Michigan. Here are the things the 2011 offers to motorists:1. Modern look, classic identity. It may have changed inside-out but the design team made sure it still bears
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