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It’s the end of the line for this humble hatch
Well, this really is the end of an era: after rumors began circulating yesterday Ford has now confirmed that production of the Fiesta hatch will come to an end in June 2023, almost half a century after it started.In that time
It’s called the Fiesta Van, and it just received a few tech upgrades
Remember the Toyota Yaris that got the utility vehicle treatment? Well, it appears there's also a Ford Fiesta in that unusual mini-utility segment, and this one just received a few updates. Seriously, what's up with these carmakers turning hatchbacks
What would you add to this list?
As much as we love hatchbacks, we know that they aren't really sales drivers for many car brands here in our market. That's why we've already come to accept the fact that there are just some hatchbacks that'll
It looks pretty mean, too
Remember the Ford Fiesta? It seems like just yesterday it was still available in the Philippines. Ford eventually ditched it locally to focus on all things truck and SUV, but yeah, it was a thing here not too long ago.Those of
*Not fully, though—it’s got a mild hybrid setup
Ford is pretty much the only mainstream car manufacturer that doesn't sell a small electric car. A slew of them have been launched in the past year-the Honda e, the Mini Electric, and the Peugeot e-208-and there are
Pick one
In the blue corner, we have a car you'll recognize because they're bloody everywhere. Ubiquity, thy name is Fiesta-if you don't have one yourself, the odds you're closely related to someone who does are overwhelming. Yep, it'
The award-winning 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine will get mild hybrid assistance
The Ford Fiesta and Focus are going hybrid. Well, kinda. Ford is giving them both the option of mild hybrid technology from 2020 as it aims to "bring the benefits of electrification to greater numbers of consumers." Slapping this tech onto two
Only 227km on the odo
This, ladies and gents, is the little engine that could, but in this case didn't. Yes, this adorable slice of anti-exotica has rolled over just 227km of road in its 40-year life. Or, for the maths fans among you,
Do you have either model?
Do you own a Ford Ranger or Fiesta? If yes, then you might want to wait for further updates on an upcoming recall in the Philippines. This time, it's to address an issue with the two models' door latches.Ford Philippines
Three models were affected
Earlier this month, the Australian government fined Ford (AUD) $10 million (P400 million) after the American carmaker admitted to mishandling customer complaints related to the company's PowerShift automatic transmission. Not a good look for the company, and now it seems its
It's strangely good
What's so active about a Fiesta Active?The way Ford talks, it's the active things you do in it. It can take you slightly further up the bumpy track toward the sort of outdoor pursuits that fill the pages of
It comes with launch control
The Ford Fiesta ST is a celebrated blue-collar performance hero. But the next-gen ST has had a heart transplant. So has the icon lost its soul, or is this new breed a welcome piece of fresh thinking? We join the
Is this a common problem?
Hi! I bought a used 2011 Ford Fiesta in April 2017. Starting July 2017, some problems started. But the most bothering one is sometimes it drains its electric power after turning off the engine.Once in a while its engine will not
Some variety would be nice
Earlier this month, Ford Philippines managing director Bert Lessard revealed that the American carmaker will be bringing in a handful of new vehicles within the year. Among the models mentioned were the new EcoSport and updated Everest. But what about the new
Hopefully we get the same
What is it?It's a Fiesta. It drives like one too. But the bits that needed fixing-the cabin and the driver-assistance tech-have had a major revamp.It's not just the uncompetitive bits that have been worked on;
Which nip and tuck is the best one?
Facelifts. They're meant to inject new life, or at the very least new interest, into vehicles a couple of years or so into their lifespan.There are a number of reasons cars undergo makeovers. Some models undergo facelifts as an answer
On cars, SUVs, and pickups
Can you believe it's been 20 years since Ford Philippines started up shop in the Philippines? Back then, we listened to our music on CDs and flocked to theaters to watch Titanic. To celebrate the milestone, the American carmaker is offering
Ken takes his antics off-road
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Ladies and gentlemen, it's with great pleasure that we can announce the return of Ken Block. Today, we bring you an exclusive look
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