It's strangely good
What's so active about a Fiesta Active?The way Ford talks, it's the active things you do in it. It can take you slightly further up the bumpy track toward the sort of outdoor pursuits that fill the pages of
It comes with launch control
The Ford Fiesta ST is a celebrated blue-collar performance hero. But the next-gen ST has had a heart transplant. So has the icon lost its soul, or is this new breed a welcome piece of fresh thinking? We join the
Is this a common problem?
Hi! I bought a used 2011 Ford Fiesta in April 2017. Starting July 2017, some problems started. But the most bothering one is sometimes it drains its electric power after turning off the engine.Once in a while its engine will not
Some variety would be nice
Earlier this month, Ford Philippines managing director Bert Lessard revealed that the American carmaker will be bringing in a handful of new vehicles within the year. Among the models mentioned were the new EcoSport and updated Everest. But what about the new
Hopefully we get the same
What is it?It's a Fiesta. It drives like one too. But the bits that needed fixing-the cabin and the driver-assistance tech-have had a major revamp.It's not just the uncompetitive bits that have been worked on;
Which nip and tuck is the best one?
Facelifts. They're meant to inject new life, or at the very least new interest, into vehicles a couple of years or so into their lifespan.There are a number of reasons cars undergo makeovers. Some models undergo facelifts as an answer
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