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The carmaker will need to replace Takata airbag inflators of all affected models
You can rest easy now
Electric vehicles, autonomous driving, car manufacturers getting in on the cryptocurrency game-all of these topics are ones that have the potential to strike a nerve during automotive discussions. None, though, can strike fear in the hearts of purists like the idea
Think the Brits have done a better job?
The most powerful new Ford Mustang you can buy is now faster. Clive Sutton has revealed the upgraded version of its upgraded Mustang, called CS850GT, which is a UK take on the US's version of the upgraded Mustang (the Shelby GT500).
They look clean, but do they really look like Mustangs?
You've seen Jayson Tatum's sick Ford Mustang. But have you seen the shoes inspired by this whip?The Boston Celtics star forward recently arrived at an NBA game rocking some shiny black shoes. Tatum's personal stylist then shared on
Based on recent rumors and leaks
Aside from some new variants, nothing much has happened with Ford's iconic pony car, but all that will change soon. According to a report by Ford Authority, a heavily updated Mustang is expected to make its debut in 2023 for the
The car’s got a nice black finish and shiny chrome wheels
Some NBA superstars like flashy supercars and burly SUVs-take Donovan Mitchell, for example. Then there are others, such as Devin Booker, who like going for the classics-we got to see some of his sick wheels during the 2021 NBA Finals.
For the seventh year in the row
The Ford Mustang isn't just a car-it's an icon. We aren't just referring to the muscle car's solidified place in pop culture, either. In terms of sales performance, this thing is about as sound as they come.
A car collection doesn't just sprout out of nowhere. Building one takes time and effort-more so if you're targeting old-school rides which you'll need to put a ton of work into restoring.Rainier Salonga and his son
This is it, the final production version of Charge's rather delightful electric Mustang. It's not a restoration, before you ask-it's "a brand-new electric Mustang, completely redefined," according to Charge boss Mark Roberts.Only 499 of these e-
Gavin Kramer is only nine, but already has his eyes set on his first ride
Gavin Kramer, the nine-year-old son of vlogger couple Doug and Cheska Kramer, may have a muscle car waiting on the wings when he comes of age."Boys actually never grow up. Their toys just get bigger!" said the former PBA
It’ll also be sold to customer racers by 2024
More good news in the world of GT3 racing. After Toyota unveiled its brilliant-looking GR GT3 Concept a couple of weeks back, Ford is following suit with the announcement of an all-new Mustang GT3 car and a factory-backed IMSA
It features a pull-back function and augmented-reality integration
We believe there's no better way for you toy enthusiasts to start the year right than to add a new piece to your personal collections-and that's even if you've already gifted yourself with something neat this past Christmas
That price tag is insane
We've featured plenty of iconic movie rides up for sale here on Top Gear Philippines. This one-a set of four rides from Michael Bay's Transformers franchise-is definitely on the ridiculous end of the asking-price scale.For $2
It’s not called the ‘King of the Road’ for nothing
Welcome, Internet, to the Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang. Now, Mustang nerds among us will know that KR stands for 'King of the Road,' with the badge being used on massively modified GT500s in both 1968 and 2008.The previous GT500KR-based on
Proof that anything can become a pickup
Yes, this thing has clearly seen better days. This 1966 Ford Mustang pickup conversion is rusty, pretty beat-up, and will likely be considered by many of you to be an automotive abomination. It also recently sold for $15,000 (P760,000)
Ford calls this the Heritage Edition, and it’s beautiful
Usually we'd be pretty cynical about shameless special editions, especially those that don't involve much more than a new tin of paint and a massive premium over the standard car. With the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition, though, we'
Mind you, it’s no ordinary face swap
Thought the Ford Mustang Mach-E's looks were divisive? Check this out: A Mustang-faced Ranger.Dubbed the 'Widebody Mustang,' this pony-truck thing was built by Thailand-based Ford specialist Wat Ford. Now, it's not exactly a direct face
You can’t go wrong with black
No car company is immune to the temptation of darkening its rides. The latest brand to release a blacked-out version of a popular nameplate is Ford, with the launch of the first-ever Mustang Stealth Edition.As the name implies, this
The old timer’s still got it
The Dodge Viper has aged pretty well throughout the years, and the design similarities between the first- and last-generation models are a testament to how timeless the supercar's styling is.But more than just the looks, the Viper has also
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