The Hennessey tradition continues
Proof, if yet more was required, documenting the magical, ethereal and incomprehensible power of racing stripes. Because how else does one account for a 70% horsepower jump on a car already loaded with them?Enter the Hennessey H850 Ford Mustang Dark Horse
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Did anyone else see this coming? Nope, us neither. Ford has unveiled this Mustang Mach-E Rally at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and it's already confirmed for production later this year.No details about the car's performance-or indeed,
“We’ve upped the game and are ready to challenge an entire world of competitors”
Just two weeks on from revealing its new, rather intimidating Mustang GT3, Ford has unveiled its new, rather intimidating Mustang GT4. Save us a spot behind the sofa, yeah?Like its sibling, the GT4 is based on the track-day monster that
We're pretty sure this corners very well too
Ford is all set to get back into GT3 racing, and it'll do it with this supremely angry Mustang Dark Horse-based race car.Yep, this is the new Mustang GT3, which comes complete with an enlarged 5.4-litre Coyote
Courtesy of RTR Vehicles
Given the tire-smoking advertising that drifting champ Vaughn Gittin Jr. does for the Ford Mustang, it's perhaps no surprise to see that his tuning company RTR Vehicles is one of the first firms to bring out a modifications package for
Rev responsibly
A few years ago, Ford introduced something called 'Good Neighbor Mode' in the Ford Mustang. After all, the 'Stang's V8 rumble is music to our ears, but the neighbors of its owners might not think the same. Now, Ford has fitted
To celebrate Carroll Shelby’s 100th birthday
The late, great Carroll Shelby was born in January 1923, and to celebrate what would've been his 100th birthday Shelby American has announced a limited run of 100 Centennial Edition Mustangs.OTHER STORIES YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED:Is the new Suzuki
Here are solid secondhand cars with strong resale value
When it comes to resale value, most folks will mention Toyota as an automaker that generally resists depreciation. We won't blame them for that, especially given the brand's reputation for reliability and dependability. But that doesn't mean Toyota is
Ford has finally revealed the official engine details of the all-new Mustang, and we seriously doubt any of you will be left wanting once you see them.'Most' is a word you'll be seeing a lot of here. The all-
Say hello the Venom 1200
We'll get straight to the important stuff: this is a 1,204hp Mustang GT500, which Hennessey calls the Venom 1200.That means it's 58% more powerful than the GT500 on which it's based-which works out fairly well, mathematically
There’s also an even more extreme S version
Ford Mustangs are known for many things. Inventing the entire concept of the pony car, for instance. That one Wilson Pickett song every bar band has played at some point. Bullitt. What it's rather less famous for-unless you're American,
It’s still powered by gasoline, and it’s now more powerful than ever
The new Ford Mustang arrives at something of an interesting juncture for cars: expensive fuel, EVs on the upswing, and governments coming down on all things combustion-powered. So, does that mean the seventh generation is now downsized, hybridized or somehow bastardized?
Wait…that’s it?
You know how sometimes movies and video games don't just have teasers, but have teasers for teasers as well? Well, this is sort of the same thing.Can we even call Ford's latest 2023 Mustang video a teaser? Technically, the
The boss of Ford has confirmed a brand-new Mustang will debut at the upcoming Detroit Motor Show.Announcing the news via Twitter, Ford boss Jim Farley said the new seventh-generation pony car will be revealed on 14 September. "It's
The carmaker will need to replace Takata airbag inflators of all affected models
Attention, Ford customers: Ford Philippines is recalling select Everest, Ranger, and Mustang models due to faulty Takata airbag inflators.Affected models include 2006-2014 Everests, 2004-2011 Rangers, and 2005-2014 Mustangs. Ford says about 32,900 vehicles are affected by this
You can rest easy now
Electric vehicles, autonomous driving, car manufacturers getting in on the cryptocurrency game-all of these topics are ones that have the potential to strike a nerve during automotive discussions. None, though, can strike fear in the hearts of purists like the idea
Think the Brits have done a better job?
The most powerful new Ford Mustang you can buy is now faster. Clive Sutton has revealed the upgraded version of its upgraded Mustang, called CS850GT, which is a UK take on the US's version of the upgraded Mustang (the Shelby GT500).
They look clean, but do they really look like Mustangs?
You've seen Jayson Tatum's sick Ford Mustang. But have you seen the shoes inspired by this whip?The Boston Celtics star forward recently arrived at an NBA game rocking some shiny black shoes. Tatum's personal stylist then shared on
Based on recent rumors and leaks
Aside from some new variants, nothing much has happened with Ford's iconic pony car, but all that will change soon. According to a report by Ford Authority, a heavily updated Mustang is expected to make its debut in 2023 for the
The car’s got a nice black finish and shiny chrome wheels
Some NBA superstars like flashy supercars and burly SUVs-take Donovan Mitchell, for example. Then there are others, such as Devin Booker, who like going for the classics-we got to see some of his sick wheels during the 2021 NBA Finals.
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