Available starting December 2
Own a Ford? If so, you may want to download this new app on your phone. Yesterday, Ford Philippines officially launched FordPass for the Philippines. Like other similar platforms, FordPass provides customers with access to Ford-specific support and content.The features
Are you liking what you see?
It seems like just yesterday when the Territory was first made available locally, but the vehicle has already cemented itself as one of Ford Philippines' hottest-selling offerings. That said, we ask: Is it still too early to start looking forward to
Prizes and discounts are up for grabs
If you haven't been able to drop by a Ford Island Conquest (FIC) test drive event yet, this weekend might be the perfect opportunity.Ford Philippines is holding the year's largest FIC test drive event at the Bonifacio High Street
We’re sure that’s one way to test the truck’s capabilities
Do you really need a 4x4 drivetrain on your pickup or SUV? The most common answer is no, since not a lot of us go off-roading with our vehicles, anyway. But for those who do, does that automatically garner a yes?
Drop by if you have time
Planning to buy the all-new Ford Ranger or Everest but have yet to try one out? If you live in Cebu City, you might not even have to drop by a dealership to do so.Of course, this is provided you
The pickup is selling like hotcakes
Planning to buy a pickup before excise taxes are applied to the segment? Yeah, so are thousands of other customers, we're assuming-and right now, it appears the all-new Ranger is on a lot of people's wish lists.The
Hail to the king, baby
Since its launch in 2011, the T6 Ford Ranger has been the royal standard against which all other pickups have been judged. And while 11 years is a dog's age in this biz, it has never felt dated. The Ranger has
We drive a 4x2 unit to find out
There's the Ford Ranger, and there's the Ford Ranger Wildtrak. The latter is usually what you go for when you want the best the lineup has to offer. You don't necessarily have to go all-out on a 4x4
Not many surprises here
Well, we're three quarters into 2022 now. With just one quarter left, we now have a somewhat clear picture of what the local auto industry's year-end sales rankings should look like.Based on data provided by the Chamber of
The industry continues its recovery
This year continues to be a promising one in terms of the local auto industry's recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.According to the latest Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) data, a total
We all have to start somewhere
Some say that the best driving school is being out on the actual street-faced with impatient motorists, zig-zagging motorcycles, and every pothole and bump Metro Manila's road system has to throw at you.They're not wrong. Experience is,
How time flies
The Everest, Ranger, Territory, and Ranger Raptor (soon, we think). Frankly, you just can't talk SUVs and pickups without mentioning Ford Philippines.The American car brand has cemented its reputation as one of the market's go-to truck and SUV
These utes aren’t all rugged brutes
As much as I like pickups, I'm never going to get one as a daily driver. A pickup has too large a footprint, offers limited room inside the cabin, lacks accessible cargo space, and can be downright tiring to drive. My
Dropping by?
Ford has some pretty good news for Pampangueños eyeing a brand-new pickup or midsize SUV: Its Island Conquest test drive event is rolling into town this weekend.From September 23 to 25, prospective car buyers can check out the Ranger,
Ever heard about Fordlandia, Brazil?
Before Ford Motor Company was incorporated in 1903, Henry Ford was already working with vehicles and automobiles in the 1890s. In 1896, Ford built his first vehicle, the Quadricycle, which had four bicycle wheels, a tiller instead of a steering wheel, and
The industry continues to recover
The local automotive industry managed to sell 30,185 units in August 2022. The last time carmakers were able to put up those numbers? It was before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.This performance, according to the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of
The current-generation model’s final units have been sold
If you've been planning to pull the trigger on buying a Ford Ranger Raptor soon, you might want to sit down for this.The Ford Ranger Raptor, the performance version of the standard pickup, is no longer available in the Philippine
It remains one of Ford’s best-selling vehicles
The past month of August marked two years since the Ford Territory was launched in our market. The fact that it was revealed during a time of strict lockdowns in our country was perhaps a big gamble for Ford Philippines, but it'
Attention southerners
We're willing to bet that many of you made your minds up to buy the all-new Ford Ranger or Everest even prior to the two vehicles' local introduction. Understandable, considering the hype surrounding their launch.May we make a suggestion,
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