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Checking in after the first 6,500km
How quick this year has passed us by, with the shift to the new normal comes the return to face-to-face interactions, and with that, the dreadful Manila traffic. In that time, and since the last time I updated this review,
And this was a stock unit, too
The Baja 1000 ranks right up there with the Dakar Rally and King of Hammers when it comes to the world's most grueling auto races. That said, you wouldn't expect a stock truck to jump headfirst into the event.The
Believe it or not, this race-ready truck will join the stock class
Back in 2017, Ford took on the Baja 1000 in an almost-standard F-150 Raptor. After nearly 1,400km of desert racing, the F-150 came home third in the SCORE stock class and then proceeded to drive nearly 650km back
The current-generation model’s final units have been sold
If you've been planning to pull the trigger on buying a Ford Ranger Raptor soon, you might want to sit down for this.The Ford Ranger Raptor, the performance version of the standard pickup, is no longer available in the Philippine
Should Ford worry?
Building something to rival the Ranger Raptor is a tall task for any car manufacturer. You can't just slap on some extra bits of bodykit to the exterior of a pickup and call it a day-proper gains in performance are
Does this mean a Philippine launch is also imminent?
It's not just the next-gen Everest and Ranger that have been added to Ford's Thailand lineup-the carmaker has also launched the all-new Ranger Raptor at the 2022 Bangkok International Motor Show.The new Ranger Raptor first made
It packs a new twin-turbo V6 engine capable of 392hp and 583Nm
When Ford launched the first Ranger Raptor pickup a few years ago, we loved everything about it. Well, almost everything. The one component that didn't seem to fit with the Baja-bashing nature was the 210hp 2.0-liter diesel engine.
Purchasing woes and early impressions
Over years of car ownership, one specific brand has always stood out to me, and not in a good way: Ford. My Ford ownership experience was marred by extreme unreliability and the feeling like both my eyes had been gouged out by
The big reveal is scheduled on February 22
Here it is, people: Ford has finally released an official preview of the upcoming Ranger Raptor. We know a lot of people here on our shores are eager to see more of the high-performance truck.The American carmaker didn't reveal
Artist Kleber Silva has given the all-new truck a few aesthetic improvements
Ford will be launching the next-generation Ranger Raptor in February 2022. There's no official confirmation yet, but spy shots have shown that Ford is already testing its truck on US roads.While Ford still keeps the Ranger Raptor under wraps,
A sneaky QR code toward the end of the Ranger’s global launch event suggests so
After several teasers and previews, Ford finally unveiled the all-new Ranger to the world yesterday. We reckon that's much to the delight of those who've been waiting a while to see the truck.But while many were busy listening
The company is setting the record straight regarding a recent viral video
If you lurk around social media and follow local automotive websites regularly, then chances are, you saw this particular video of a Ford Ranger Raptor laying broken on the highway. You can watch the clip here first.The video shows the truck
It’s scheduled to launch in 2022
If you thought pickup wars 2.0 was going to go into full swing without Ford bringing something new to the table, you thought wrong. The American carmaker has just announced that the next-generation Ranger will be revealed later this year,
The perfect clap back
This is a Very Gay Ford Ranger Raptor. No, seriously-we aren't just saying this because of the rainbow and glittering gold exterior. This special pickup truck is actually called the Very Gay Raptor.Built by Ford over in Germany, the
Our Olympian deserves nothing but the best
Unless you've been cut off from society completely for the last 24 hours, then you've probably already heard about and celebrated Hidilyn Diaz's victory at the ongoing Tokyo Olympics. After all, she didn't just win gold-she made
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