Our consumer editor helps a reader
Good day. I need help with choosing a pickup truck. I am a personal trainer doing freelance training at the park, at client's homes, and in private gyms. I bring along ropes, huge tires (for slamming), suspension-training straps, and a
Playing with water, sand and rocks
The pickup truck wars are intensifying. And the segment leader--poised to remain in the top spot in terms of sales--just upped its game by coming out with its refreshed version. So what's new with the Ford Ranger Wildtrak?"This
Know how much you need to save up for
If you're planning on buying a pickup, your decision just got harder. We just drove the revised Ford Ranger, and we like it.There are 13 variants to choose from, starting with the utilitarian 2.2L 4x2 Cab and Chassis MT,
It's the F-150 Raptor
The scheduled arrival of the all-new Toyota Hilux next week should confirm the fact that the Philippines has become a very good market for pickup trucks. While still not as big as Thailand's, our local pickup market has fast evolved
Official photo and info released
Last we saw the updated Ford Ranger, it was climbing down a steep ramp and wading through a mini pool. That was the global reveal in Bangkok, Thailand, in March this year. The look of the new Ranger is consistent with the
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