Power is just the beginning
Ford had a tall task ahead of it when it set out to build an even gnarlier version of the current-generation Bronco. Earlier this year, the brand was able to show it would deliver-at least in terms of aesthetics. As
Hot damn
No car is ever too extreme. Take the Ford F-150 Raptor, for example. You would think that this off-road beast, barring a little Frankenstein tinkering from John Hennessey, is already at the top of its game. Well, it's not.
A memorable encounter in Thailand
Because I've just had a divine driving experience. This is it, the new truck pickup lovers are waiting for. The vehicle that will be bought, raised, modified, wrapped, and maybe even used on a farm sometimes. The all-new Ford Ranger
Another summer promo to check out
Looking to satisfy your revenge travel needs by car this year? If you have a family, the best way to go about it might be with a midsize SUV that fits seven.Interested in checking one out? Well, Ford Philippines is making
Think the Brits have done a better job?
The most powerful new Ford Mustang you can buy is now faster. Clive Sutton has revealed the upgraded version of its upgraded Mustang, called CS850GT, which is a UK take on the US's version of the upgraded Mustang (the Shelby GT500).
And the initial demand for the model seems to prove this
This is the brand-new Ford F-150 Lightning, and it's a pickup truck that can fit an entire adult under the hood. That's because it's an all-electric version of America's best-selling truck for the last
Just one of for all-electric CVs that Ford plans to introduce by 2024
Ford is following up its recent launch of the full-sized E-Transit with an all-electric successor to the UK's best-selling vehicle. Brave.So, people of the Internet, say hello to the new Ford E-Transit Custom. Looks angry,
This is a milestone in motoring
Ford's shiny new electric pickup truck-the F-150 Lightning-has already sold out its first year of production in the US.In news that'll surprise nobody, Ford has stated that "due to high demand, the current model year is
The former was recently launched in Cambodia as an all-new Territory model
In late April, Ford Cambodia and its dealers started posting teasers for an all-new 2023 Ford Territory, a rebadged version of the Equator Sport. As a refresher, the Equator Sport is a compact five-seater version of the mid-size seven-
Is this a preview of what the rest of ASEAN will get?
When Ford first unveiled the new Equator Sport a few months back, we called it a "decent alternative to the Territory." Well, to some extent, that's what's going to happen in some markets.Over in Cambodia, Ford has provided a
It has the ability to win over the critics
The Ford Territory was a bit of a surprise entry in the compact crossover market. Introduced in August 2020 (and right by the height of the pandemic), it has since become one of Ford's top sellers. Over 10,000 Territory crossovers
Starring the Ranger-based Volkswagen Amarok
Volkswagen is bringing back the Amarok with more than a little helping hand from Ford, and now that the Blue Oval has unveiled both the standard Ranger and the twin-turbo V6 Raptor, it's almost time for VW to pull the
Based on recent rumors and leaks
Aside from some new variants, nothing much has happened with Ford's iconic pony car, but all that will change soon. According to a report by Ford Authority, a heavily updated Mustang is expected to make its debut in 2023 for the
We get the same engine options as Thailand
Ford Philippines recently confirmed that the next-generation Everest and Ranger models will arrive in our market later this year. Eager to find out what kind of units we'll be getting? Well, the carmaker has just released more info on that.
For the seventh year in the row
The Ford Mustang isn't just a car-it's an icon. We aren't just referring to the muscle car's solidified place in pop culture, either. In terms of sales performance, this thing is about as sound as they come.
The last of the special editions
This is the Ford GT Holman Moody Heritage Edition, the last of the special-edition Ford GTs released that celebrate various GT40 racing successes. This one celebrates the best-Ford's famous one-two-three win at the 1966 24 Hours of
A big milestone for the model
It looks like Ford Philippines isn't having any issues selling the Territory here in the Philippines.The American car manufacturer has just announced that the compact crossover has breached the 10,000-unit sales mark in the country. It's selling
What other names would you like to have seen on this list?
Are car manufacturers not as influential as they used to be? If Time's most recent 100 Most Influential Companies list is anything to go by, this just might be the case.The list, which "highlights businesses making an extraordinary impact around
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